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The most crucial aspect of event planning would definitely be the selection of a venue. The choice of venue can immensely impact the ambience, vibe and success of the event. And we at White Massif aim at facilitating your event planning experience by providing you with complimentary venue planning services. We’ve worked with all kinds of venues ranging from ballrooms and convention centres to warehouse venues and corporate office campuses. We ascertain all our clients’ needs and select the venue that we believe best matches them. We consider all possible factors –guest seating, location and ease of commuting, to availability and shortlisting. We also stay constantly updated about new venues, booking rates and information on availability. We are committed to our efforts towards providing our clients with only the best venue for their events at no extra cost.



A lot goes into planning an event, and a lot more goes into planning a successful one. At White Massif, we don’t skimp out on even the smallest of details because we want your event to be the best. Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced professionals in various departments who work together with the singular aim of ensuring that your experience with us goes beyond expectations. Once we understand all aspects of your company as well its vision for the event and the desired outcomes we work on the conceptualization and production of the event. Once we have an idea of the bigger picture we go about working out on the smaller details until we come up with a concept that is inspiring and unique. When we conceptualize an event we always consider the kind of stage to be set up, branding installations, technical solutions and the overall desired effect through up lighting, ambience creation and a lot more.



Once we’ve finalized the concept for the event, the actual production of the event begins. This is where the ideas, images and concepts are brought to life. This includes theme execution, lighting, stage setting, seating arrangements, décor, event branding, innovative displays, Audio Systems and Visual effects etc. We go into the smallest details and ensure that all stages of planning and execution are met with only the highest standards. In the past, we’ve executed sophisticated, fun and uniquely themed events that were a resounding success. As one of the top event management companies in Bangalore, we strive to ensure that each event is unique and reflective of not only the theme of the event but also of the Client Company and brand itself. Whether it be by employing the use of company colours in the setting/lighting or using brand installation in and around the venue, to create customized stage designs, we ensure that our events are tailored to our client’s every need.

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We also offer in house graphic designing and printing services for all the corporate events that we do. Our designers specialize in 3D & 2D designing. This includes designing the layout, stage, on-site installations element designs, banner printing, backdrop creation, posters, email newsletters and more. These services help in ensuring the complete development of your Company’s brand. These design services will help further enhance not only the event itself but also your Corporate Event Management experience with us.



We believe that entertainment is a big part of any event because the challenge lies in keeping the crowd engaged. And that is why we believe that it’s our duty to offer our clients only the best in terms of event entertainment options. From top-notch dance groups and Africa beats to Impressive emceeing skills and stand-up comedy performances we will ensure that your event is a resounding success. We work with some of the most reputed artists across India. Once we have ascertained our client’s needs, and a theme/ idea has been decided upon we then provide our clients with a list of relevant performers and artists to choose from whom we believe can truly make your event a success.



Every Corporate event is unique and has different requirements, that’s why we believe that it is our duty to provide you with everything that you could possibly need and more. We provide value-added services such as corporate gifting options, professional photography and videography services, choreography services, invitation designs and support in shortlisting the best catering services in Bangalore. By providing you with all these services under one banner we hope to serve you better and ensure your experience with us is favourable.

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