Types of Corporate Event Management

Types of Events we offer

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Annual Days

Make every milestone of your organization count. The anniversary of a company’s inception is a reason to recognize its achievements and thank all those that helped it get to the top. Whether it’s a startup or an established company, the key is to commemorate and recognize the efforts of all major stakeholders in the company’s journey to success. We help organize your company annual day with a wonderful programme and a fun after-party that will energize all attendees. To make the occasion fun and merry, we can also help with organizing mini-events and activities within the annual day for a sense of belonging, pride and accomplishment for your employees.

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Family Day

We’ve organized Family Day for top brands like Kronos and Brady Corp, to overwhelmingly positive responses. A Family Day is a time for your company to recognize and honour employees while treating their families to a fun time as well. It’s a time for your employees to mingle with other team members while also introducing their loved ones to them. This creates a unique bonding experience, and doing fun activities, watching live entertainment shows and enjoying a day out will make employees feel valued.

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Corporate Parties

Our experience as event management professionals has taught us a lot about entertaining corporates. Corporate parties are one of our specialties – we plan them keeping in mind that everyone deserves a night of fun and entertainment. Our corporate party ideas have the perfect blend of engaging performances by musicians, bands, talent artists and more and fun activities that they enjoy being part of. We’ve worked with some of the best names in the corporate world and have always had amazing levels of engagement at all of our corporate party events.

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Award Shows/R&R

One of the most awaited events for any company is the award ceremony or the award show. Honouring the best talent, the best achievers and acknowledging the company’s milestones is an important part of enhancing brand image and driving more renown in the industry for the brand. We plan, organize and execute award shows with the most appropriate ideas to promote the awards ceremony.

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Fun Day

As event managers, we’ve conducted research into what employees really want. Every motivated employee likes to unwind and have some fun once in a while and bond with their teammates. We understand this and we’ve got just the right kind of resources to put together an amazing event with great activities like paintballing, corporate picnics, lunches and more, and performances by some of the best entertainers and artists in Bangalore. Once you let us know your needs, we’ll sketch it all out for you.

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Employee Engagement

Every major corporate company today knows that employees are one of its greatest assets, No company has ever achieved anything without the hard work and enthusiasm of its employees. They represent the company and are instrumental in ensuring its continued growth. Employee engagement events help your company make your employees feel like they are a vital component of your organization’s success. Our employee engagement events range from activities, to special days to employee recognition as well.

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Experience Day

Experience Days are a wonderful motivational tool to make your employees feel recognized, valued and engaged. Your employees deserve a break once in a while as the reward for all the hard work they put in throughout the year. In addition, we think that an Experience Day will give them so much more to talk about, and will enable stronger team bonding and information sharing. Our ideas will help you surprise your employees with unforgettable experiences. We execute Experience Days through our expert teams that ensure perfection at every step.

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PR/Stakeholders Meet

Public relations (including online PR) are a vital activity for every company that wants to maintain a consistent and strong brand image. We organize PR meets and stakeholder meets with a vision to enable effective communication, and identify the key areas that your business needs to grow. This includes reputation management, messaging strategy, and effective communication to draw more of your audience to your brand. With our experience with marketing and working with various illustrious clients, we can help you shape your next PR event more effectively.

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Product Launches

One of the aspects of event management is the ability to collaborate with a company for product launches. A product launch is an exciting yet daunting prospect for any company – there are many factors that come into play including the kind of reception the product gets in the market, the reactions from the target audience, The initial sales after the launch and coverage. We come up with practical strategies on how you can launch your product. We include ideas on the right kind of a venue, the way the product would be launched, etc. so that your brand is received with anticipation and excitement.

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