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  • 5 ways to attract and win over sponsors for your next event
  • 5 Ways to Attract and Win Over Sponsors For Your Next Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 20/08/2018

    Winning over sponsors for a corporate event won’t always be an easy task. You have to make people like your proposal and convince them to invest their resources in your event. Don’t worry, as the best event managers in Bangalore we have some five tips to help you attract and win over sponsors for your next corporate event. Let’s go through them.

    1. Put Yourselves In Your Sponsors’ Shoes.

    Think about a company approaching you for sponsorship, what are the benefits you will be looking for to sponsor the event. This will help you to better develop your proposal and convince the sponsors about their benefits. Always make the answer for the question ‘what’s in it for us?’ attractive and believable.

    1. Create a List Of Potential Sponsors.

    To begin with, create a list of potential companies and individuals who will be interested and will benefit from sponsoring your corporate event. Have an idea about the attendees at your event. This will help you to identify the type of sponsors who can benefit by getting your attendees as the audience. Matching your potential attendees with the potential event sponsors will benefit them both.

    1. Thoroughly Research The Listed Sponsors.

    Study thoroughly the marketing and sales goals of your potential sponsors. Make sure to understand the threats they are facing and ways in which your event will help your sponsors to solve them. Also, the products or services of the sponsor should be a good fit for the attendees of your corporate event. Don’t forget to refer the events your potential sponsors have sponsored in the past.

    1. Event Marketing Strategy.

    Discuss the event marketing strategies that you plan to implement as an event management firm in your corporate event in detail with your potential sponsor. Inform them about the type of media you intend to use. You can create rapport with your potential sponsors by asking about their own promotional efforts and see if you can align it with your strategies to better promote your corporate event. This way they will feel more involved.

    1. Follow Up. 

    Once you have pitched the event proposal make it a habit to follow up in a timely manner. Your upcoming event may not be their priority, but it is yours. Make a follow-up schedule and inform about it to your potential sponsors during the time of proposal itself. Stick to the plan and this alone will help to build a strong and healthy relationship with your potential customer.

    By applying these methods you can win over your potential sponsors and make your corporate event a big success. The event will be a benefit for you, your sponsors as well as your attendees. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Yes, it does. So, go on and host the best corporate event ever.