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  • Top Ways To Save Money While Planning Your Next Corporate Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 22/10/2018

    Creating a successful event requires strong financial planning as much as it requires an efficient event management company to help plan it.  With so many little details that have to be taken care of, controlling finances and working within your budget may get a little difficult. Vendors, venue, keynote speaker and what not. All their payments have to be made out of the budget allocated for the event. So, can you create a stunning one without going beyond your financial limit?

    Is it really impossible to create a memorable event within a limited budget?

    We said difficult, not impossible! Of course, you can create the most exciting events and still save a few bucks…
    Here’s how the top event organizers in Bangalore suggest you save money while planning future events.

    1. Know your budget. This is the first and fundamental rule to save money on your event planning. Talk to concerned officials at your organization and find out how much the company is willing to pay for various resources for the event. Make a detailed list of vendors and suppliers you may require and then determine an amount that you would like to allocate to each of them. This gives a clear picture of how much you want to shelve out for each category and where you can save money.
    2. Sponsorship is a good idea! Sponsorship is a great way in which companies get to advertise their brands without having to spend much on PR fees and high-end advertising strategies. Use this to your advantage. Find companies or businesses who are closely related to your field of business, this way you are more likely to land the deal!
    3. Hire an event management team. Does this sound expensive? But it isn’t!  Employing a corporate event management company can help organize your entire event without any hassle and work well within your budget! You just need to find the right team. Experienced event organisers have their own working team of vendors, suppliers and a great deal of experience. So you save yourself money and also your sanity! 🙂
    4. Save on speakers fees. Consider booking a speaker available around the same time as your event around your event location. This can help reduce lodging and transportation charges and if you get lucky they might just cut down on their fees. Moreover, book your guest speaker well in advance because quite a few of them hike up their prices as their schedule fills up.
    5. Think different from your catering style. A full course sit-down lunch or dinner with a waiter service is way more expensive with the same menu on a buffet-style meal. Therefore, it is better to pick a buffet style lunch or dinner. Also, try new caterers who have only just entered the field or try a ‘create your own burger’ station to intrigue your guests and save up on the costs.