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  • Ways To Get The WOW Factor With A Strong Theme And Elegant Lighting

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 28/08/2017

    Be it a corporate event or a family party, a strong theme and beautiful lighting add that extra wow effect. To help you with the task, we are listing some ways to make your event a fabulous one, leaving your guests in awe.

    Decide on the theme
    Have a clear idea of how the event is to be themed. The success of an event lies in its details. Gone are the days of boring corporate events. There are a variety of themes to make the events lively. Let’s see a few of them,

    • Barbeque theme: Go unconventional with this theme as it creates a laid back feel to the event. Why not remind the guests of weekends and family with a barbeque for your next corporate event!
    • Black and white theme: It is usually considered boring, but when done with the best event planners, your next event can become a classy hit!
    • Secret Garden theme: Floral decor can never go wrong for any type of event. Be it a wedding, a milestone celebration, a gala dinner, floral theme creates a high-end vibe.

    Use effective lightings
    Lighting is so much more than focusing on the performer, it can make or break an event. When you are trying to uplift the look and atmosphere of your event with elegant lighting, think of lighting as an architectural jewelry. We have listed a few of our favorite lighting options,

    • Colorful up lighting: It adds depth and visual interest to any meeting place. Choose a colored up lighting suitable for the theme.
    • Spotlighting: Spotlights shifts attendees focus on the performer. It can also be used to light aisles, carpet runways, and stages.
    • String lights: These are perfect for creating an intimate setting. Not to mention, their photogenic elements leave you with sparkly post-event keepsakes.

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