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  • Use the power of storytelling to create an unforgettable event
  • Use the Power of Storytelling to Create an Unforgettable Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 03/07/2017

    Storytelling can be used in events not just for brand exposure, but to completely transform an event. According to top event management companies in Bangalore, here are some ways in which it can be achieved:

    • Start with a flourish: Just like how a book needs to begin with a catchy paragraph, when you tell a story to a live audience too, you need to start well, and capture the attention of the audience at the outset. Get them hooked – induce interest with your first few words, and you’ve won half the battle.
    • Make it relevant: Research has proven that as human beings, we are mesmerized by a good story regardless of our age. When people hear a story they can relate to, they usually associate it with an existing memory. So to have an impact, everything in your event – marketing material, speakers, entertainment – has to be relevant and to the point; always align it all with the core purpose of the meeting or conference.
    • Make it interactive: When you’re telling the story, ask if someone from the audience had similar experiences, or what they think happened next and so on – get them to participate, and they will never forget! Corporate event organizers in Bangalore opine that an audience that participates actively rather than listen passively will be far more likely to remember the event much later.
    • Connect the dots: Sometimes, going off-center may work, provided you can connect the dots later. Like, release teasers in your marketing material prior to the event; each speaker can talk about their experiences which may not directly be related to the event’s main theme; but the last speaker should be able to connect the dots and show how each story is indeed relevant; kind of like building up to the final suspense!
    • Use a variety of media: Use videos, live speakers, interactive games, branded giveaways and so on, to complete your narrative. It begins even before the actual event with your marketing materials; incorporate educational sessions in the course of the event. Think in how many different ways you can convey the story to your audience – the more the merrier!

    When you tell your story creatively and effectively, your audience will have many positive and happy memories, take home valuable lessons AND will remember them for a long time too. Stories are often told and retold and passed on to others, ensuring that the impact of your event lasts way longer than the day it actually happened, and becomes truly unforgettable.

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