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  • How to Use Mind Maps for Planning your Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 06/02/2017

    Most of us understand and think better when we can use visual tools – for learning, planning and educating others. A great way to get a clear focus on problem solving is a visual tool called mind maps. Several event management companies in Bangalore have started using mind maps to plan events, as they help them gain better clarity on the task at hand.

    What Are Mind Maps?

    It’s a visual map that lets you organize details of a task, with the goal in the center, and ideas branching out from it. You can draw them by hand, but to make matters easy, you can use software to do it.

    How do you create them?

    Write down your goal in a box (or draw) in the center of a blank paper. Use different colors for each idea – these should branch out from the central box; whatever comes to your mind, add it all. Just short phrases will do – or images; you can go digital by taking pictures with your phone, each picture representing a step or idea.

    Using Mind Maps in Event Planning

    There are numerous ways in which you can use mind maps to plan your events; here are some:

    First Meeting with Client

    Mind mapping will help you to take notes and understand client requirements. By mind mapping their needs, wants and your ideas, you can create a graphic representation of your project on the fly. This can help you bring different types of communicators together – whether visual or not!

     Decision Making

    Creating mind maps helps to fully understand the relationship between different venues, transportation, vendors and so on. Corporate event planners in Bangalore are fully aware of the importance of meticulous planning for any event to be successful. Visually representing the benefits and disadvantages of each vendor, or venue, can help you see how they intertwine, and you can make better decisions.

    Marketing Outlets for the Event

    A mind map can be very effective when you want to detail all the marketing and PR channels you normally make use of for marketing your event, like blogs, influencers, social media, ads and the like. When you have them listed, you can visualize more opportunities and connections, and work it to your advantage.

    Tracking Team Members and Responsibilities

    You can create mind maps instead of lists to keep track of all your team members and what tasks they have been assigned, the pecking order, and the communication; it will help you see how the whole thing is interrelated.

    Areas for Sponsorships

    When you create a mind map for sponsorship opportunities, you may be able to hit upon even more ideas for getting sponsors! When you detail each area, you can see them with fresh eyes, and get more innovative. Corporate event organizers in Bangalore will vouch for the importance of getting adequate sponsorship for your events!

    Sessions and Resources

    Mind maps are especially helpful if you’re organizing a seminar or workshop: create a mind map of speakers and the topics, and you’ll be able to see the connections and scope for additional learning you can use for blogs, social media and other resources. Again, it will help you see the relationship and additional opportunities with sponsors and vendors alike.

    Mind Mapping Software

    If you’re not gung-ho about doing the drawing, you can go with apps like e LucidChart, Bloomfire, Mindjet, XMind, and Ideaflip; these let you attach documents via links too.

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