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  • Top Tips to Boost your Event Planning Creativity

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 27/02/2017

    We know that creativity and innovation are absolute necessities when it comes to planning events. Are you having a mind block with new ideas for your upcoming event? Talk to event organizers in Bangalore, and they will tell you that it happens to the best! Here are some tips that can help you recharge your thinking batteries, and help you kick start your imagination:

    • Work when tired: No, I’m not crazy, though it sounds weird. Experts say that first thing in the morning or late evenings, when you’re tired, eliminates restrictions in your brain, helping you relax and lets the creativity flow – helping you come out with innovative ideas. You may feel your mind wandering – but this can actually help, as you could get inspired with creative ideas. Remember not to indulge in problem solving – just ideation.
    • Surround yourself with aqua colours: Blue, green – oceanic shades boost creative thinking – at least by 50%. Think tablecloths, flowers, posters; they are soothing, and get your brain cells buzzing with innovation. You will find these colors are popular with most corporate event organizers in Bangalore!
    • Avoid regimented routines: while your day may be more organized with strict schedules, it could hamper your creativity. Avoid having a strict timetable throughout the day; leave some time for ‘doing nothing’. Just walk about, stare out the window, maybe go for a walk, or even watch some TV; you never know when inspiration will hit you. Try altering your daily routine, like your mode of transport to work. If you normally drive, try taking a bus or cab once in a while; change the order of your tasks, go to a new place for lunch – there are many little things you can try.
    • Dim those lights: Low lights always suggest a relaxed time, like a dinner, or nap time; lower the lights at times to free your brain from the shackles of ‘work’ mindset. Dim lights can lull you into a sleepy state – when you can dream and get new ideas! Very bright fluorescent lights can hamper creativity.
    • Move away: if you’re stuck with a problem, just move away from it for a bit; then come back and look at it with fresh eyes. This will give you a fresh perspective and allow you to think more freely. When you’re stressed, you are not likely to come out with original ideas!
    • Get proper sleep: And I just don’t mean the number of hours. You need to get peaceful REM (rapid eye movement)sleep; this is the stage where you dream and sleep deeper. Dreams can form the basis for many innovative ideas. So make sure you sleep well!
    • Keep your brain active: Ask professionals with event companies in Bangalore, and they will swear by this mantra! Do puzzles, crosswords, word games and so on frequently; these help to keep the brain active, enhance hand-eye coordination, improve your problem-solving capability, and boosts creative thinking.
    • Avoid complete silence: though it may seem as if total silence helps you think, it does little to foster creativity. Some soft music, or even ambient sounds (normal background sounds) will actually help your brain relax and think creatively; too much silence can be stifling!
    • Work out: exercise helps flush out body toxins; it also leads to an endorphin and adrenalin rush – which can boost creative thinking. You don’t need hours of jogging or gym – even 15 to 30 minutes a day will do it. Keep your mobile device or pen and paper ready to note down your ideas, as you may forget them in a couple of hours.
    • Indulge your passion: If you love reading, gardening, cooking, painting – whatever it is, do it! When you do something you truly love, your creativity will also flow. Corporate event planners in Bangalore opine that when you’re doing repetitive tasks all day long, your creativity takes a beating. Pamper yourself: head to a spa or salon, get a massage or spa therapy, whatever you enjoy. Having some ME time will help you melt away the stress and relax, and let the creative juices start to flow. You can also try relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga.
    • Travel: traveling opens up new doors; seeing new places, meeting new people, eating new food and experiencing new cultures will surely open up the doors to creative thinking, if they were blocked before. Travelling gives your problem-solving capability a big boost.
    • Think for yourself: While it’s quite okay to be inspired by others’ work, you need to think for yourself, think how you would have done the same thing differently. Every individual has a different perspective, and a different method of doing things; you need to find out what works best for you rather than blindly follow somebody else’s ways.
    • Set limits and boundaries: While it may seem that you can be creative only if there are no boundaries or limits, it can actually get overwhelming. So set yourself time limits, and limit your choices to just a few. Focus on a few areas rather than looking everywhere at once. Think quality not quantity!
    • Channel your experiences: in some situations, the need of the hour may not be completely new ideas; it could be a different approach to a task at hand; it could also be connecting your experience and knowledge. You could try doing this visually by drawing diagrams.

    Unlike what you may have likely believed before, creativity can be learned; you can train your mind to come up with original, fresh, innovative ideas and methods. Or you can take the easy way out: hand over all this to us! WhiteMassif is one of the top event management companies in Bangalore, and we have tons of experience in creating memorable and successful events for dozens of clients. Our creative team is one of the best you can hope to hire; they have already won several accolades from our clients in the past. But don’t take our word for it – come down to our office and talk to us. Or give us a call on +91-990-0141-177 to talk to one of our representatives now.