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  • Stun your guests with our top 6 lounge ideas for your next event
  • Stun your Guests with Our Top 6 Lounge Ideas For your Next Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 06/08/2018

    Skeptical about incorporating a lounging area at your next event? Don’t be!

    Top event management companies in Bangalore suggest that lounging spaces work well with any kind of event.  It could be your company’s annual bash, a trade show, product launch or even a wedding; a lounging area is always welcome!

    Your guests would surely love the idea because space creates a private haven for them, letting them take a break and also giving them a chance to network. A unique lounging area could really create the huge impact on your attendees thus, making your event a memorable one!

    Here are a few of our lounging ideas that could be the perfect way to win your guests over!

    • Corporate break – When the conferences and business meetings are on full swing and your guests would like to take a break, this could be the lounging idea that works for you. A simple modular seating arrangement with a combination of stools and rattans in the lobby, gives your guests a welcome break and you can still discuss business.
    • Backless lounge – Making use of backless benches or seats creates a leisure atmosphere while giving your guests the hint that they can’t linger for long… This is best suited for indoor networking events, where making conversations and connecting with one another is necessary.
    • The outdoor lounge – An exclusive outdoor lounging space crafted with a  combination of standing cocktail tables and backless benches offers your guests the opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ the rest. The outdoor lounge can render the perfect leisurely ambience without losing out on the theme of the event.
    • The beanbag lounge – If you want to create a more casual ambience and add a pop of colour it, the beanbag lounge is for you! For a quick team activity or a group discussion beanbags are your go-to option. An inexpensive quirky setup for those who want to create a quick lounging space. This brings us to the next option..
    • A pop-up lounging space – Just like a pop-up event, pop-up lounging space requires meticulous planning and fun and fast furniture. A pop-up event in Australia recently created a pop-up lounge using stacked box furniture pieces at various levels. This unconventional idea is easy to setup and keeps your guests staying for longer periods.
    • Floor lounge – A corporate retreat or a destination event. A floor lounge is a great way to create rapport and carry out discussions at ease. A round cushiony setup on the floor, preferably outdoors where your attendees are at ease during their conversations.