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  • Top Five Technologies In The Event Planning Industry Today

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 21/08/2017

    Technology has pervaded every aspect of our lives – it has changed forever, the way we do things. Event planning is no different; it is also undergoing a sea change, thanks to the tech revolution. Let’s take a look at the 5 technologies that are changing the face of event planning today:

    • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification can be used very successfully in conferences, say corporate event management firms in Bangalore. RFIDs can be ready by scanners, eliminating the need for a lot of manual work, and making it more reliable. They can be implemented to enhance several different features of an event. You can shorten registration times, and facilitate easier interaction between organizers, visitors and exhibitors. RFIDs can help attendees to engage with the event in a better way across different social networks. Some examples are entering contests and lucky draws, uploading pictures, posting to social sites, checking in, and so on.
    • Real Time Intelligence: Ask any conference organizers in Bangalore, and they will tell you how vital it is to have real time intelligence during any event. Let’s say your marketing efforts paid off, and there is a huge crowd at the registrations desk – when you get the real time intelligence that that is what is happening, you can quickly dispatch more staff to that place to handle more registrations, and ease the wait times. Software solutions with a dashboard that keep the organizers updated about what is happening in the here and now, are all the rage today.
    • Virtual Reality: Though it has been around for some time, it is gaining popularity for events only now. VR booths are increasingly becoming popular for providing an immersive experience to event guests. Attendees can get a wealth of information, including what’s happening at specific areas or booths. VR is a great way to increase attendee engagement and keep up the excitement levels.
    • Wearable Tech: Smart watches are also starting to make their presence felt at events. Potentially, this technology could revolutionize site inspection, help in deciding and providing menu options for food and beverages, perform facial recognition, help with appointment updates and travel directions, to name a few aspects. Event management companies in Bangalore believe that wearable tech will soon gain even more popularity, especially when the millennial generation becomes more prominent in corporate events – it’s good to be prepared for the onslaught!
    • Multiuse apps: Apps have replaced bulky brochures and printed guides at events. Apps are used to explain all the activities of the day, provide a detailed event schedule and information about the speakers; they also allow attendees to socialize with one another and facilitate networking not just during the event, but prior to and after it also. Industry experts say that there is a move towards multi-use apps. That means, developing apps that can be used for numerous events, rather than a single event. This bodes well for participants, who would otherwise have to download an app every time they are attending an event. Having one app that can be used multiple times offers immense value to event attendees.

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