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  • Monochrome event themes are in! here’s the list of our top 5
  • Monochrome Event Themes are in! Here’s the List of Our Top 5

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    For most of us, monochromatic colour schemes for events spell ‘BORING’. But on the contrary, monochromes are anything but boring! Popular Corporate event planners in Bangalore affirm that the monochromatic theme trend is presently taking the event industry by storm.

    Are you still worried about how monochromes are going to work with your event? Don’t be! Going monochrome doesn’t mean you cannot play with colour. Here are our top 5 event themes that promise to create magic at your next corporate gala.

      1. Blue-Purple
        This colour palette offers an array of unique decor trends. With the mix of blue and purple, you can create the ambience of an underwater world. The mixture of lights and appropriate sound effects such as waves and the occasional gurgle of a seagull can definitely reinforce your theme.
        How about ‘sky’s the limit’? Yes, with this shade, you could recreate the sky and the skyscraper silhouettes against the magnificent blue. If you aren’t too keen on adopting a particular theme around the colour, simply let the colour do the talking through your colour coded decor and food too!
      2. Royal Red
        Red is one colour that can make your event look bold and beautiful at the same time. When used appropriately, the colour can work magic at your event. Flowing red curtains, A vase with red roses, or other lush red decor options such as red carpets and cushions add texture to your little shindy and help you reinforce your theme. Don’t be afraid to mix shades of the colour to achieve depth without overdramatizing.
      3. Classic White
        Wow, your guests with classic white. If you are trying to recreate the mountain tops, heaven on earth or simply trying to keep your event simple and chic, white is for you! White decor elements such as curtains, table linen, cushions and even the cutlery add to the charm of the theme. Like you already know, white in itself can create a pristine aura but when mixed with subtle hints of grey or gold, the colour can create wonders!
      4. Glamorous Gold
        Gold is the new black! Event planners worldwide suggest that gold is a glamorous colour that adds the oomph to your events. If you want a theme based around it, think ‘desert’. But, top corporate event organisers in Bangalore think that a simple gold scheme doesn’t really need a theme to accompany it. Printed rose gold and white table cloth, yellow-gold chair covers, soft gold lights highlighting exotic gold shades of curtains etc are some of the ways you could use the colour optimally.
      5. Luxurious green
        Green is an outstanding to colour to work with for events. What could you possibly do with green settings? Recreate nature of course! Although that one is a given, their options with green are simply endless. Neon green is more vibrant and bright. Neon greens bring in more of a party vibe if that’s what you are looking for. You could even think of green food and drinks to complete the look.