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  • Tips To Get The Maximum From Your Speakers In Time For Your Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 18/12/2017

    In any corporate event, the speakers are the stars of your show – whether it’s a conference, a seminar, a workshop, or training session. The success of your event depends on how well the speaker performs; this also includes cooperation from the A/V team. Good microphones, speaker systems, mixers, and most importantly, correct presentation of the slides on a visible screen – these all make a speech interesting and engaging.

    Sticking to time Limits

    Usually, speakers are either among the top executives in your own company, or renowned industry leaders or celebrity speakers. So you need to tread delicately when you deal with them. One of the major problems you have to cope with is getting them to stick to the time limit.

    Corporate event management companies in Bangalore create a detailed schedule for corporate events, often down to the last second, where they very clearly mention how much time is allotted for every activity – the inauguration, welcome, felicitations, speeches, presentations and so on.

    While this is an essential step, keep in mind that famous speakers are prone to ignore the time limit, and will want to talk about their topic in detail. One way to deal with this issue is – anticipate that they will take more time than what you have; so when you inform them, give them a lesser time, but schedule it in YOUR program secretly. Like, you tell Speaker X they have 25 minutes, but schedule 40 minutes in your actual program. This gives you a safe buffer!

    Request for Material in advance

    If your speakers are very busy people, it may be possible that they don’t get sufficient time to actually prepare a PPT presentation or proper slides, and they plan to speak extempore. The problem with such a situation is again – they may not be able to stick to the time limit, plus, it could become a bit monotonous for the audience. One way corporate event organizers in Bangalore tackle this problem is to mention that their presentation is needed 3 days prior to the event so that the tech and A/V teams can ensure smooth presentation of the talk on the big day. Any possible issues with the presentation can be checked for and taken care of at the outset. This will also give you a chance to check the length of the presentation; if it’s too long or too short, you can always request the speaker to adjust the presentation accordingly.

    Create a pre-event buzz

    When you get the speaker’s materials in advance, get active on social media: corporate event management firms in Bangalore usually tweet punchy sentences, post pictures of the speaker along with a short paragraph (bio, their quotes and so on), and hint at personal interactions with them. This will help create a buzz around the event as well as the speakers; it will help provide a boost for the speaker, and that’s always a good thing.

    Pacifying the Speakers

    Many speakers may not be happy about being asked to share their presentation early on or being asked to keep the presentation short (in their opinion). It could be ego or a genuine lack of time. Whatever the reason, you would do well to:

    • Not assume they are delaying providing the materials on purpose
    • Politely explain why you need the materials from them
    • Help them understand how this can go a long way in making the event a huge success.
    • Offer to help them – like say, for drafting their bio for introducing them
    • Politely make them aware of the potential problems you could face due to not receiving the materials in advance, or the speaker overshooting their time limit

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