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  • Unique Annual themes for Corporate Annual Day

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    Corporate gatherings are limelight of the year for all those working all day long; every day. To get the feel of the annual year ending and bond with all those who work for the same company with the same vision and mission, there’s an annual gathering held every year. Tired from the mundane routine and daily work, the people of the company need some gala evening and celebration which could instill in them a boost to work harder and better and would serve as a motivation to the employees to look forward to more such kind of evenings and revelry.
    “A man Is a social animal”, not a computer dragon, so eventually she/he is going to get bored with the desk job and will need some social gathering at least once in a year to make it a memorable one. Hence to make it a worthwhile one and a remarkable event. The theme should be something to which the employees can easily relate to and connect with.
    Here is some list of themes which can be considered for a corporate annual day:

    • Barbecue theme

    An event is incomplete without food and so is a person obsolete without energy. “Where there is food, there is a way”. Hence the involvement of some exotic cuisines served on a barbecue is good to go with thing. A barbecue-themed corporate annual event gets people more rejoiced than ever. ‘Food brings people together’, and so does barbecue, both mentally and physically.

    • Dj night, Bollywood theme

    Who wouldn’t love to party and groove to some Bollywood hits and beats after a long, working day? Employees are usually not clubbing freaks but once in a blue moon surrounded by unique music beats of the famous Dj of the town and dim lights gives an inner boost to the employees. They let themselves loose on the dance floor with some booze. This enables them to share stories also which they have never or could have shared in a corporate setting. This fun element in the formal event would bring in great enthusiasm from employees too.

    • Masquerade Theme

    A mask always adds up value, frolic, fun, and entertainment to the event. Masking a person builds up inquisitiveness. As curious as it sounds, hidden things create more urge and curiosity. Having said that, a masquerade theme would bring in known people together in an unknown way and leave a way for exploration and discovery. In the corporate annual event, this theme is definitely a cheery on the cake as people have a chance to dress up the best and see others dress well too apart from their everyday shirt and pant routine.

    • Halloween theme

    This daunting aura will bring in employees in a costume which is bold, novel and at the same time eye catchy and gothic. The horror setup creates a sense of zeal and bold atmosphere in a corporate annual event. Imagine playing Holi on a normal, random way with your friends. It would be so fun with a completely different sense of excitement. On similar lines, the Halloween theme on a day different than the normal Halloween day, would largely be encouraged by employees and they would love being in that atmosphere because as it is they don’t get to celebrate Halloween as corporates don’t get a holiday on 31st Oct. So this can be a great chance to live in and sink in the environment of the gothic fictional world with fellow employees.

    • Acrobatic theme

    ‘An air without movement can’t create a wind’. Similarly, an event without some performance can’t create a buzz. Employees should remember their corporate annual event for years until their children join the same company if shared the same interest of course. Thus to make a mark and create reminiscence this circus type theme is an enthralling idea to implement. Employees love to see other people working when they aren’t. Thus various Aerial and acrobatic performances for the annual event would engage the employees in the event and keep their interest and curiosity on till the end.

    • Live music band with live food counter (All-live theme)

    This would be lively and the employees would be ecstatic to attend such “all live” themed event. This will engage them and they will all sing together their favorite gigs of all times and rejoice together. Live food counter, on the other hand, would let employees and the other corporates have food of their own taste. This will also restrict the wastage of food which is one of the key highlights of any event, unfortunately. You can design the venue with different directional bar signs, old tinted wooden tables, old guitars on the side as décor to create the vibe, some wine barrels for seating and bring in a great rock band.

    These themes shall be perfect and best for any corporate annual event. Just make sure you are well planned and are choosing the right event planner and caterer to make sure everything is just flawless and more than what is expected from the people of the company, from the company. And after everything is done and dusted with glory and high zest, you can sit back, take a deep breath of satisfaction, relax and wait for your perfect corporate annual event to unfold in the most glittered way which would flatter all the employees and the event makers.