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  • The role of digitalization in event strategy
  • The Role Of Digitalization In Event Strategy

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 25/12/2017

    Digital is everywhere you look – communication, friendship, marketing, finance, education; events are no different. Digitalization can be evinced in every aspect of an event: corporate event planners in Bangalore use it for everything from planning and marketing, to registrations and presentation, right up to feedback collection. Going digital helps you to save time and money, and be more efficient too. Here is a brief look at how digital is revolutionizing events, especially, strategy.

    Event apps

    Technology has not just made events ‘Wow’ for attendees; it is also making planning and organizing events much easier than before. Event apps today make it very easy for event management companies in Bangalore to plan and organize events, and to engage with potential participants. It helps to streamline several functions, send important notifications to invitees and ticket holders, and so on. Applications also help the organizers to maintain an event calendar; this way you know what milestones are due to what date. For example, once you input all the details, you will be reminded say, that you have a meeting with a caterer or AV equipment vendor; or about finalizing the venue – you get the point. Certain event apps also help you create a budget and maintain it, so that you have a good control over your spending. If not, specific budgeting apps are available to help you do this.

    Social Media

    Social media helps corporate event management firms in Bangalore in numerous ways – from marketing your event to thanking your audience afterward. You can use social networks to create a pre-event buzz, release teasers, sell tickets, mention event details like venue, speakers and so on, live stream your event for those who are unable to be physically present, take live feedback, post regular updates prior to your event, and when it is in progress. The possibilities are literally endless – and of course, it’s mostly free, and it’s instant and has a huge reach.

    Tech at Events

    Technology at events has helped turn even the most boring conferences into highly engaging and interesting activities. Powerpoint presentations, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, interacting with speakers through tablets, touchscreens, kiosks, photo booths, VR – today we can hardly imagine an event without all or at least some of these. This entire tech helps the attendees have a more immersive experience, and make the entire experience memorable. Yes, they also gain valuable takeaways.

    Data Collection

    As an organizer of events, digitalization will help you collect feedback and big data effortlessly and efficiently; this will help you to improve your performance for upcoming events. The data you collect throughout your event will provide valuable insights on what your audience wants, and expects so that you will be able to rectify your shortcomings, enhance your performance and deliver an unforgettable experience to them.

    Today event management companies in Bangalore like White Massif use technology for every aspect of event planning. Digital needs to be part of your event strategy today if you want your event to be successful, engaging and memorable.