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  • The experience wave: how to engage your audience better at events
  • The Experience Wave: How to Engage Your Audience Better at Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 23/10/2017

    Ask any event management company in Bangalore and they will tell you that the secret to a truly successful event is being able to engage with the audience; interact with them; encourage active participation, rather than turn them into passive participants. There are several ways of doing this. Let’s look at some simple but very effective methods.

    • Start before the event: Post regular updates on social media – corporate event management firms in Bangalore suggest sneak peeks of the run-up, what preparations are going on, perhaps a couple of behind the scene pictures. Create a buzz. Release teaser videos and ask your potential attendees to share and comment, or even for suggestions – say about the menu, or type of entertainment they would like to see, the topics they would want to hear about if it’s a seminar, suggestions for speakers and so on.
    • During the event: Start with icebreakers, allow your audience to get to know one another through fun games or quizzes. Begin the session by letting your attendees know what they can expect from it: for example, “by the end of the session, you would have learned how to plan and make your presentation in front of an audience with confidence”. That will get their interest. Use pauses now and then especially when you’ve made an important point – allow it to fully sink in. Modulate your voice well, and use interesting anecdotes and little jokes throughout the talk – don’t make it a boring lecture session. At the end of the session, you can throw the floor open for a question and answer session; allow them to ask questions, and you too can ask them for suggestions, or have a recall session. Have short breaks between two sessions to prevent it from becoming boring, and engage with your attendees by organizing activities like Zumba, yoga, meditation, aerobics, tai-chi and so on. It will revitalize them too. When you provide entertainment, make them part of it by requesting them to sing along with the band or karaoke, pull them up on stage to dance and so on. Not only will this engage them, it will make the event memorable for them.
    • After the event: Get feedback from your attendees regarding different aspects of your event: food, entertainment, speakers, venue, accommodation (if provided) and so on. Make them feel they are important even after the event has ended. This will make them very happy indeed, and allow you to rectify your shortcomings and provide an even better experience the next time round. You can use social media, questionnaires, push buttons or voting pads to collect feedback.

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