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  • The benefits of rfid in the event industry
  • The Benefits Of RFID In The Event Industry

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 15/10/2018

    With the advent of technology, managing and organizing events have become a lot simpler. One of the biggest technological advances in the event arena being RFIDs. Although they have been around for a while now, they have found their way into the event industry only recently.

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), was initially part of massive music festivals such as Tomorrowland, Coachella etc. The attendees often wore RFID bands as a badge of honor! Well, why wouldn’t they? It really is a cool piece of gadgetry and a useful one at that! They can be used as wristbands or badges, and they work like magic!

    But of late, RFIDs have found their way into other events too. These gadgets are highly useful for attendees and organizers as well.

    Your attendees can choose to link their email-ids, social media profiles and maybe even their wallets with the RFID gadget while registering for the event.

    But how are RFIDs useful you make ask? Here are the benefits-

    1. No long entry queues. RFID devices can scan up to 20 people in a minute. This makes the entry process real quick. Your guests walk by with just a swish of the hand or a wave of the badge. No dealing with wrinkled barcodes and entry passes. Moreover, this makes things a lot easier for your security team as well.
    2. Go cashless! With the wallet linked to the gadget, your attendees need not be worried about carrying a wallet loaded with cash through the course of the event. They can pay for all the merch they purchase with a simple tap on the wrist. No waiting in ATM queues or credit card hassles to buy food, drinks or other products.
    3. Improved attendee onsite engagement
      Everyone likes sharing stuff on social media and your guests are no exception. Give them a chance to share your event bests on their social media platforms like an RFID enabled photobooth that enables guests to mail their picture to their email-ids automatically.
      It’s an instant boost to your event publicity, what more can you ask for!
    4. Real-time onsite insights
      As an event organizer, you would definitely want to learn where there’s a lot of foot traffic and what spot you need to work on at your event, especially for multi-day events. The RFID  devices your guests use will give an insight into such information.

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