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  • 3 fun summer time event themes for your next corporate event
  • 3 Fun Summer Time Event Themes For Your Next Corporate Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    The summers are a great time to organize corporate events. If you are looking for ways to entertain your team of employees and stakeholders, summer parties are a great way to do so! However, it is important that you ensure that your event setting and company ideology complement each other. Simply put it, selecting the right theme makes all the difference. So, you must make sure it is fun yet relevant!

    The best event companies in Bangalore have put together their top 3.
    Fun summertime event themes that you could use for your next corporate event-

    1. The Classic Summertime BBQ
      A classic summertime BBQ is perfect if you are hosting an informal shindig for a small team of employees and investors. Put up big white tents, picnic tables and even set up retro games such as croquet or dodgeball to entertain your guests. Setting up an outdoor BBQ will only add charm to your event and reinforce your theme. You could hire caterers who could help you with the food service or if you have experienced hands on your team, lucky you! The classic summertime BBQ is one of the most popularly recommended themes for a summertime corporate event.
    2. A Carnival
      If you are into hosting your annual corporate party during the summers, we suggest that you throw a carnival-themed party and what more? A theme like this remains etched in the memories of your guests for a very long time! With a carnival themed party, your options are endless, a street magician, photo booth, game stations and what not! When it comes to food, consider upscaling traditional food to keep it real yet sophisticated. Creative decor, stellar performers, fun activities and the whole package that comes with the theme will have your attendees talking about your event for years to come because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a carnival?
    3. En Blanc Party
      Yes, the famous En Blanc themed party is another go-to for popular event management companies in Bangalore. This theme actually originated in Paris during the late 80’s; Diner En Blanc it was called, which literally translates to dinner in white. This 80’s inspired theme is still in vogue and is easy to create. Yes, guests are encouraged to wear white and hot summer evenings are a great time to host such parties. Moreover, en blanc parties go easy on your budget, so do give it a try!