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  • 5 steps to creating a successful product launch
  • 5 Steps To Creating a Successful Product Launch

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 03/09/2018

    Launching a new product happens after a lot of research and investment. So make sure that the launch will give it the hype it deserves. Showcase your product in the best way possible. Let the product launch event be the best advertisement your event can get.  From all the years of our experience in event management, we have some tips for you which will for sure will make a lasting impact on the audience.

    1. Resonating Theme

    Choose a theme which resonates with your product or your industry in general. Include sessions which offer your attendees something to take home. Value addition will last longer than the product introduction. Syncing your event with the accurate theme will help make the attendees understand the benefit of your product and the changes it brings to your life.

    1. Entertainment

    Mob love moves. Flavour your event with a splash of entertainment and fill it with memorable moments. Invite a comedian or a host who has some acquaintances with the product or the industry to keep the crowd lively and engaged. Games can also be included to lift the spirits of your attendees. Make it a point to include the benefits of your product in whatever strategy you adopt.

    1. Event Venue

    Although the product should be the highlight, choosing the perfect venue for the launch of your product is important. Choose your event site according to the style of your event. If hosting the event at your company’s location will benefit in the promotion of your product, doing so will be the best choice. Else if the physical location of the company is not relevant, host the event at a venue that matches your event theme.

    1. Event Sales Strategy

    Planning your event sales strategy is as important as planning everything else for an event. Deciding how to showcase or present your product, finalizing your branding strategy are all relevant. Communicate with your team about what you plan to accomplish. Assign tasks to each team member and make sure that nothing is missed out.

    1. Food and Beverages

    Last, but not the least, the menu of the event should be decided. Whether you want a casual setting or something more high end. Either way make sure that everything is pre-ordered and preset. Ask the caterer to provide several menu choices. Let the attendees have something to choose from.

    The impact that is marked in the minds of people during the product launch will last longer, so make maximum out of it. Prefer an experienced event management company to host the event. Let your product make an impact.