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  • 5 influential stage design ideas for your next event
  • 5 Influential Stage Design Ideas For Your Next Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 05/11/2018

    Talking about events, the stage is always the center of attention. The event management experts at White Massif, one of the top event management companies in Bangalore, believe that be it a presentation or a performance, the key to putting your message across to your audience successfully, lies in the way you set your stage. It isn’t that other factors don’t matter, of course, they do! But during an event all eyes are set on the stage, so give your viewers something worthwhile to look at.

    Don’t give your guests sore eyes with the same old boring stage setups. Instead, leave them impressed with some of these inspiring stage design ideas. Let’s dive in!

    1. Asymmetrical screens. Placing asymmetrical screens on stage with the original backdrop can help you add layers to your regular ‘stage with a backdrop’ style. These asymmetrical screens can be color-coded to match your digital backdrop, or they can be used for some eye-catching branding display.


      Image courtesy:
      churchstagedesignideas.com, designed by Brian Davis
    2. Enclosed backdrop. This is a simple yet sleek stage design idea that permits unique branding opportunities while the layout is creative and draws the eye to center stage.Enclosed backdrop
      Image courtesy:  
    3. Live social media stream screen. Making use of screens that display live camera feed is a familiar sight. But today, the event industry has moved on to live social media stream screen as a staging idea! Here’s how.Live social media stream screenImage courtesy: ERRC COMMUNICATIONS @OSCE
    4. Geometric pillars. Add a little quirk and creativity to your theme with geometric pillars. They are eye-catching and can be effectively utilized to make a large stage look more compact. Moreover, geometric pillars and creative light up is a deadly stage design combination. Take a look.Geometric pillars
      Image courtesy: innovativevents.com
    5. Curved screen
      This type of design layout is particularly helpful when it comes to limited floor space. In such situations, a curved screen can be wall mounted leaving you with ample space to seat your guests comfortably.Curved screen
      Image courtesy: thenextweb.com

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