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  • Sensational corporate party ideas that will delight your team
  • Sensational Corporate Party Ideas That Will Delight Your Team

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 14/05/2018

    Employee appreciation, annual corporate party or a success party throwing the perfect corporate party is pretty daunting! Ordinarily, employees and other attendees “do a bunk” because corporate parties can get boring, really.  Most corporate parties have cliched themes and boring food that just don’t intrigue their guests anymore.

    Break away from the banality of corporate parties and do something new. We bring you a compilation of sensational corporate party ideas that are used by top corporate event management companies in Bangalore.

    This one never gets old. Superheroes always save the day! How about an Avengers themed party? Or a DC superhero for that matter. It brings out the creative side of your employees and definitely keeps them buzzing for weeks!
    A tv series themed event is also worth a shot. Stranger things, Game of Thrones, Sherlock and so much more to choose from…

    Do the retro! Go back in time to your company’s year of establishment. Use this year as the theme for your event and invite your guests to dress up accordingly-this will definitely fun to watch.

    Plan a surprise getaway corporate event for your guests. Hire a popular live band to welcome them at the venue, with some great music! Your guests are going to be so pumped up. You could hire a professional corporate event organisers Bangalore, to plan your team getaway.

    Take your clients and your team to lunch. But don’t do the regular corporate luncheon- instead, give them a hands-on culinary lesson or live cooking session or even “make your own lunch” station!

    Who said you can’t party in the morning? Take your team on a healthy breakfast date to a local eatery. Talk to the venue manager to find out how can make your breakfast party more fun for your team.

    Cultural potluck is another theme that is catching up in the corporate world. With people from different cultural backgrounds, come different delectable dishes. Ask your team to bring in food from their culture and dig in! You could even club this with a picnic basket theme if you’d like.

    Have suggestions? Share them with us.

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