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  • 4 key points on safety and security setup for any type of event
  • 4 Key Points On Safety And Security Setup For Any Type Of Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 19/11/2018

    Planning and organizing a captivating event is no easy feat. There’s so much that goes into it behind the scenes and as the event organizer. Security is one of them. You are responsible for the safety and security of your workforce, vendors and suppliers, performers, guests and other delegates during the course of the event. Famed corporate event management companies in Bangalore believe that security at the venue has to on top of your priority list as you are legally accountable for the well being of everyone present at the event.

    Here are 5 insightful points on event security that will help you plan your security measures well.

    1. What are safety objectives?
      Asking the right questions will help you cover and be prepared for almost any contingency. What are the fire safety measures you have taken? Do you have officials on standby? Is the venue in a neighborhood with high crime rates? If yes, what security measures would you need? Do you have any VIP’s on your guest list? What are the security protocols they follow? These are some of the questions that help you determine your safety objectives.
    2. Work with the right team
      A team with qualified, well trained and experienced officials onsite is always prepared for contingencies when they arise. You need safety officers, police officers, medical officials etc. on standby at all times during the course of the event. The consequence of a security breach is huge, so it important that you have an efficient team working for you.
    3. Communication is key!
      If you think that having a good security team is enough, you have never been more wrong! Safety measures aren’t limited to the security officials alone, educating your guests and workforce too, is important. Inform your guests and other members what they can carry and what items are off the list or about the emergency exits in case of an emergency. Such little things can really be of great help.
    4. Do a test drill
      If you want to be prepared, you’ve got to know how. And, there’s no better way to do it than a mock drill. Be it a fire evacuation or a medical emergency, is your team equipped to deal with such incidents? This will help you evaluate and prepare for such eventuality, accordingly.