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  • Proven Ways to Achieve Event Success Through Feedbacks

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 30/10/2017

    A successful event can take weeks of planning and coordination. Most important part of an event is getting feedback from the attendees after the event is completed. If you want to know whether the event conducted is successful, you need to hear what other people speak about it.

    If you want to achieve event success through feedbacks, follow these guidelines:

    1) Maps. A popular and interactive way to get feedback is to invite people to place a pin or sticky note on the map of where they’re from. While they’re leaving a note about themselves, ask them to write something on the note about their experience.

    2) Go straight for the review. You could use a push notification to provide a direct link and ask them to share their experience online or on social media platforms. Most people enjoy seeing their names online so your chances of getting reviewed are higher when compared to that of surveys.

    3) Text message. Shortly after attendees have left your event (or an individual session), send them a thank you text and request to text you back describing their experience.

    4) Facebook check-in. Invite attendees to check in on Facebook (if you have a page for your event) and ask them to leave a comment or give you a star rating in order to be entered into a prize draw of your choosing.

    5) Online surveys. Conducting an online survey directed towards the customer’s email address is a great way to get a range of different feedbacks in a short amount of time.

    6) Use Social Media: Remarking and sharing the participant’s posts online is an awesome approach to connect with them, and social media makes it easier to reach out to them.

    Getting feedback is essential because that’s the only way you’ll improve your events. Receiving feedback from your event attendees will help you make the next event more successful.

    The benefits of gathering feedback on your event include:

    1. You can use this information for further event planning
    2. The ability to respond to negative outcomes
    3. The ability to declare the achievement of your occasion with certainty

    After every event, send out a thank you message and ask for their feedback about what did they like the most, what could have been improved, and what they felt about the venue. For getting more response include special privileges for the next event or sent gift cards to the participants.

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