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  • Pointers To Promote Your Business Through Events Like A Pro

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 04/09/2017

    Events can be used for a multitude of purposes – reward employees, acknowledge client loyalty, launch new products or services, and even to just promote your business. According to the best event management companies in Bangalore, here are a few tips to do just that:

    1. Position yourself as an industry thought leader: Host events like seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars, trade shows or expos, and networking events that will help you achieve this goal. These type of events will provide a lot of information and value to your customers, both current and potential. You can also conduct training sessions for employees where you can educate them and enhance their skills; this will boost their productivity, eventually turning into more revenue for your company.
    1. Leverage Social Media: Set the tone for the event even before and after it is done through teasers and sneak peeks. Create a special page for your event on Facebook, pin teaser pics on Pinterest, tweet about it – all these help you engage with your attendees. When you do this, obviously, it is your business that gets the publicity, as your logo will be prominently displayed on all these pages and posts. Pose questions or run simple contests with your products as the prizes – this way, your brand name will be in the minds of your customers or attendees.
    1. Enhance awareness about your products and services: Interactive and experiential events have been successfully used by businesses big and small to create a buzz around their products, and you can do it too. For example, if you are a car dealership, you could have a spectacular event with the new car model being lowered onto the stage; you could then randomly invite a few of the guests to come on up and check out the car.
    1. Keep tickets to a minimum, or make it free: get sponsors in case you don’t have sufficient funding, but make it inexpensive for your guests to show up! If there are very few people at your event, how will you promote your business? To ensure maximum attendance, make the entry free, or charge a pittance.
    1. Provide free samples of your products as swags: At the end of the event, offer your guests free samples of your products in gift bags that are branded with your company logo. Nobody forgets gifts, opine expert corporate event managers in Bangalore.
    1. Always respond to feedback: Regardless of whether the feedback from your guests is positive or negative, remember to respond to them. Accept their comments graciously, and apologize for mistakes, shortcomings, and inconveniences caused to guests. Take note of their concerns regarding your products and services, make a promise to rectify the issue, and follow up on it. This will make your attendees genuinely pleased.

    If you want to promote your business with events but don’t have the time or know-how to go through with it, call in experts like White Massif, one of the leading corporate event management companies in Bangalore. With years of experience under their belts, they can help you achieve your goal of business growth through impressive events.