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  • While planning an off-season what should you know destination event?
  • While Planning An Off-season What Should You Know Destination Event?

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 26/11/2018

    Destination events are such a rage at the moment. Be it an annual bash or a company retreat, travelling to a new locale is part of the package. Nevertheless, taking your event venue to a whole new city or country does come with a price tag especially during the tourist season. Due to this, many event planners consider planning an off-season destination event.

    But, off-season destination events need much deliberation and planning say the experts at the best event management companies in Bangalore. Take a look at what they have to say-

    1. An off-season event goes easy on your budget. Reputed hotels and resorts slash prices during the off-season. So you get a chance to house your guests at a fancy hotel or resort that would otherwise be an expensive affair during the peak months. Moreover, you get to avail group discounts at hotels and off-peak specials at restaurants as well. Negotiations always work in your favor during the off-peak so you get to cash-on the food and beverage concessions and of course, room rates!
    2. Keep the weather in mind. Weather plays spoilsport during the off-season. Well that’s why it’s called off-season, isn’t it? Since corporates today plan ‘bleisure’ meetings and conferences, you must have an agenda about what activities and sightseeing opportunities can you fit into the itinerary that work well with the ‘not so good’ weather conditions too. Also, consider the distance to the place of stay from the airport or train station. It is important that you don’t work your guests up by having them travel miles in bad weather!
    3. Ask your hotel about the staffing. More often than not, hotels maybe short-staffed during the off-peak season and you don’t want that! That could pose a problem when it comes to the comfort of your guests. So, talk to your hotel beforehand and make sure they have sufficient staff round the clock. Furthermore, check with the hotel about whether the adjoining food outlets, spa services, indoor activity areas are open during your date of stay.
    4. No crowds! This an added bonus when it comes to travelling to a locale during the off-peak. Since popular destinations are often crowded during the tourist season, off-season events will be readily welcomed by your guests as you get to have the place all to yourself. Groups enjoy that!