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  • Top 3 Tips To Personalize Attendee Experience

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    Once upon a time, there were event goers who attended ‘traditional’ events and meetings where the speaker would speak and the attendees would take down notes, have their meal and leave. Fast forward to 2019, event attendees have very different expectations from events. Guests today attend events with a whole new agenda, they expect a more holistic event rather than the repetitive professional one. In short, attendees want a more personalized experience.

    More personalized. How?

    The leading corporate event planners in Bangalore have seen it all and have some insightful tips on how you can personalize event experience for your guests.


      Our gen Y or millennial influenced society has caused a major paradigm shift in the event industry alongside others. With the rat race on, physical and emotional health is going from bad to worse. And this very aspect is what today’s organizers take in to help their attendees take their first step toward good health. There are several events that begin with a tranquil meditation session before they dive into all the business jargon. This helps attendees relax and be more receptive to what you have to say during the rest of the event. You could team up with a meditation guru or other organizations that practice mindfulness for a pre-event session.


      Let your attendees have the power to decide what they want and what they don’t. Didn’t get it? You have quite a number of event apps that help you start with the registration, keep the hype alive pre-event and even get a post-event feedback. Moreover, live polling apps are also available that makes things so darn easy for your guests and also lets them know that their opinions do matter to you. This increases your audience involvement and keeps them engaged. Although it makes the going get a little tough for the event organizers, new age events are all about ‘more power to attendees’.


      You can largely classify your event attendees into two major categories. One- health-focused guests who have special food preferences, follow a more conscious lifestyle with meditation and exercise etc. On the other hand, you have tech-savvy individuals who like to share updates and keep their community posted at all times. Yes, these guest persona’s can be the best of both too. So wouldn’t it be great if you were prepared for two or more guest persona’s and their preferences? Wouldn’t it leave a lasting impression on your guests?

    Now that you know how to personalize the experience for your guests, you need the right team to help you accomplish this feat. White Massif event management can help: 099001 41155