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  • Out Of The Box Seating Arrangements For Your Next Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 20/11/2017

    With every event that you organize, you need to do something different so that your attendees remember it for days to come. There are many aspects of an event – so what will you change, and how? According to the best event management companies in Bangalore, one area you can successfully experiment is with seating. Here we present a few ideas for seating layouts that are way more fun and exciting than the boring, oh so common theater or banquet style seating.

    • Mixed Banquet: By using a mix of round and rectangular tables in a banquet style setup, you can maximize space usage as well as accommodate groups of different sizes. This not only looks and feels different, it also fosters networking and team building.
    • Stage Diagonals: This is a classroom setting with a twist; arranging table’s diagonal to the stage without compromising on-stage viewing. By staggering the diagonals, you can also fit in more tables. This way you’re not repeating the conventional row-type seating, and you also ensure better sightlines for your attendees.
    • Spiral: This is an amazing layout especially for corporate retreats. Corporate event organizers in Bangalore opine that this type of seating arrangement facilitates teamwork, networking, team building and allows the moderator to engage with all the participants. It also reduces the formality, making it more relaxing and fun for everyone.
    • Semi-circle: Arranging chairs and tables in a semi-circle adds more dimension. When you stagger the chairs, it facilitates easy viewing and allows all attendees to enjoy the performance of the speaker or artist on the stage.
    • 360 Degrees: Yes, we mean, the performer in the center and the attendees seated on chairs arranged all around the stage. This facilitates a high degree of engagement between the speaker and participants. You just need to ensure that the speaker or performer is informed beforehand about the seating arrangement so that they can connect appropriately with the audience.
    • U Seating: This kind of seating can be very beneficial in a corporate event, say event management firms in Bangalore. It becomes easy for facilitators to get close to the participants in and around the U shape seating, and brings an air of informality, enables networking between attendees, and facilitates brainstorming and team building.
    • S Layout: Snakelike layouts are the perfect solution for venues or halls that are not very wide; roundtables take up a lot of space, but this layout works fine. Attendees are pretty close to one another, and there is adequate space to get up and move around if they want to, in spite of the inside being filled with seating.

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