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  • Organizing spectacular events- how top 10 event management companies in bangalore do it
  • Organizing spectacular events- How top 10 event management companies in Bangalore do it

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 15/05/2017

    Event management can be extremely tedious if you are a first timer and you have a huge event at hand. Selecting the venue, the vendors, organizing the guest lists and the list goes on. Yes, it is an overwhelming task and it does take a whole lot of planning and scheming to get all the pieces in place! But you can always learn how to organize spectacular events. This is how the top 10 event management companies in Bangalore run the show.

    • First things first, determine the objective of the event. The entire event is built around this very focal point. A good event design and production team will tell you how important it is to get your event objective right. The biggies in the event industry say that once you define what you want to achieve through your event, you will get a clear picture of how to go about things.
    • Once you have your objectives set, you will now want to determine your event budget. Your event budget is the deciding factor for what elements to add in the event and what not to. Allocate the necessary budget to various aspects such as caterers, venue, lights and AV and so on. A big secret that even the best event management companies in Bangalore hold back is their contingency or emergency fund that they set aside before allocating the rest. Keep that a secret, you!
    • Create your guest list. Always keep in mind, your objectives, while putting your guest list together. It can help you avoid targeting the wrong audience. Are aware of your target audience? Attracting new customers or celebrating with your most loyal clientele; get your guest list right!
    • Venue is key is key to any event. Select a venue that suits your budget and also your event theme. While selecting your venue to find out what are the amenities they provide, such as the parking area and the number of restrooms etc. Once you have a fair idea of what is already available, you can work on the rest.
    • Get your vendor contracts signed as early as possible. Make advance payments and copies of the contract. Keep your vendors aligned with any changes in the program and also make sure you have a backup vendor you can count on, in case of any emergency.
    • Delegate! Assign your team with duties. Of course, you can’t do it all alone! Have weekly meetings to see how things are getting along like are your programmes moving according to schedule, how to overcome roadblocks etc.

    Organizing an event does take a lot of planning. Sometimes, it is best if you leave it all to the experts in the field. Hire the team from Whitemassif for your next event.