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  • Pros & Cons To Consider While Planning An Event During The Off-Season

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 02/04/2018

    Planning an event is a humongous task in itself but planning one during the off-season can be a little tricky. Organising a successful corporate event requires meticulous planning while prepping for one during the off-season needs a more strategic approach. A highly acclaimed corporate event management company in Bangalore reveals that it is best to weigh the pros and cons of an off-season event.

    Here’s what should consider while planning any corporate event during the off-season-

    The pros
    Your biggest advantage lay in the fact that you can put up a big event without shelving out big bucks. Yes, it’s true. Since the off-season sees very few social engagements, you will be surprised to find that conference halls and banquets witness significant price drops. To top that, you are less likely to face a problem with venue availability. Moreover, there will be inexpensive offers on food and beverages too. In addition to this, you will find vendors with slashed service prices just for the off-season.

    Top corporate event management companies in Bangalore suggest that ideal indoor venues, hotels and resorts offer big discounts during the off-season.  Booking your ideal location during the peak season can become a burden on your budget while going for off-season bookings give you your favourite venue and maybe even a package deal at an affordable price.

    So if you are planning a team retreat for your employees at a luxury resort or a high profile conference for your clients at a sought after conference hall, consider hosting it during the early monsoon or during the start of winter.

    The cons
    Weather plays a spoilsport sometimes. This is one of the biggest problems you may face if you plan your event for the off-season. Local transportation may be hit and this could take a toll on your event attendance. You might face a no-show from the attendees due to bad weather. As a result, your event may not create the desired effect or impact.  Besides this, there may also be a shortage of staff at the hotel or resort due to the weather. This could become a hassle when it comes to tending your guests.

    That being the case it is best if you weigh your pros and cons before setting up an off-season event!