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  • 5 networking icebreaker ideas for your next corporate event
  • 5 Networking Icebreaker Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 10/12/2018

    Events are all ‘connecting’ and interacting with people. A recent report suggests that people who attend corporate events are basically there to create a connection and grow their professional relations.

    But, we are well aware of the fact that socializing doesn’t come easy and kick-starting a conversation with anyone for that matter, can be nerve-racking. The top event management companies in Bangalore recommend making this a little easier for your guests by organizing corporate icebreakers and networking activities that encourage conversations and help people CONNECT. Do that, and your guests will remember your event for good.

    Organizing corporate icebreakers, be it a large gathering or a small one, can be achieved by breaking the attendees into various groups.

    Here are the top 5 networking icebreakers from the best event organisers in Bangalore.

      Colour code the ID cards of your guests and split them into groups based on the colour of their name tag. Once your guests have found their respective team, set a timer and ask them to find ‘7 things they all have in common’. The team with the most creative answers wins!
      Set up a common phrase and have each of your guests make a short story about it. Don’t forget the timer though.
      For instance, “ Last vacation I…”, a phrase like this and a time limit of a minute each will definitely have your guests relieve some work stress and loosen up a little bit.
      Give each team 5 minutes to get to know each other. Pick one random member out of each team and get him/her to introduce the rest of the team members in the most creative way possible.
      This is a classic corporate icebreaker where the attendees tell their team members three things about themselves of which two are true and one a lie. It is then left to the team members to figure out which one’s true and which one’s false.

    Ask  each person to collect business cards of whoever they speak to during the course of the event. In the end, the person with most number of cards, wins!