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  • Memorable small business events: how they are made
  • Memorable Small Business Events: How They Are Made

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 14/08/2017

    It’s very easy for a big corporate giant to throw an event that becomes spectacular and memorable, but the same cannot be said for a small business. For one, large corporations have plenty of funds; second, just the brand name is often enough to bring in the guests. However, corporate event organizers in Bangalore opine that while it may be a little harder, it’s not impossible for small businesses to host events that stand out from others and become memorable. Here are some tips from the experts:

    • Be Clear about the who: Your target audience is very important. Is it other business owners, employees or customers? According to event management companies in Bangalore, the rest of your planning will depend on this crucial fact. Whatever you present at your event has to be relevant to your audience, and should provide some value to them.
    • Be clear about the why: You should have clarity as to why you’re holding the event; is it because you’ve newly renovated and want people to know? You’re introducing a whole new product line; you want to reward loyal customers with a lucky draw (customer retention), or is it simply to ensure your regular customers have a good time, and you interact with them to find out if they have any issues or queries you can resolve. Is it to network with other business owners and vendors, reward employees, or anything else?
    • Try something nobody else did: Give away personalized swag bags, invite one of the senior most residents in the neighborhood to be the chief guest, family friendly entertainment – whatever other events did not feature recently.
    • Market diligently: First off, you need to make a detailed plan; you need to get out word pretty early on, through as many channels as you can like press releases, social media posts, directly mailing or emailing customers, inviting local influencers and so on. Regardless of the methods you choose, remember to give your invitees compelling reasons to attend the event. They must get the feeling that they are going to miss something huge if they don’t turn up. Calling up invitees by phone (or sending them SMS) to follow up is also a good idea. Conference organizers in Bangalore will vouch for the importance of crafty marketing.
    • Ensure funding: If you’re running low on funds, think of sponsorship. You don’t want to invite a bunch of people and then have them leaving in disappointment, do you? You can even try teaming up with other businesses – this way you can get much wider coverage as far as attendees are concerned, in addition to more funds. You can even think of crowdfunding; this way, there will be more enthusiastic participants.
    • Be creative: Check out big name events, like those held by corporate giants like for example Samsung, Lever or Lakme; you can always copy some of the ideas, and do it on a small scale! Make sure that you deliver what you have promised during the invitation phase.
    • Be attentive: Always keep an eye and an ear open to gauge audience reaction; you can even have people ask them if they are enjoying themselves, or whether they need anything. Do something different if the audience is getting restless or bored. Keep your attendees happy, and they will take away happy memories of your event!

    If you want to pull of a truly unforgettable event for your small business and are unsure how to go about it, rope in the experts. White Massif is one of the top event management companies in Bangalore with years of experience in organizing corporate and business events. Contact us now on www.whitemassif.com or at +91-990-0141-177 to speak to an executive.