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  • Live streaming for your events: which social platform is best?
  • Live Streaming for your Events: Which Social Platform is Best?

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 13/03/2017

    Live streaming is not just popular; it’s become a must-have, thanks to social media. Not all event organizers have embraced it though; some fear that there will be a negative impact on the attendance.  However, the fact remains that live streaming is here to stay. Major event management firms in Bangalore believe that live streaming is an asset to events rather than a threat. They can have several benefits like more revenue opportunities, increased sponsor exposure and creating a buzz to increase attendance. There are several options available to incorporate into your event strategy, but which of those is suitable for you? Read on to find out.

    • Facebook Live: Facebook has not just been innovating, but also incorporating tried and tested technologies from rivals. Adoption into a Facebook platform is usually successful because of the huge user base it enjoys – over 1.86 billion active users! With Instagram in its kitty now, it’s numero uno. So if what you’re looking for is maximum audience and viewership, Facebook Live is the way to go. Facebook believes that live video will be the future of social media, and have gone all out to promote it. Thanks to the feed being governed by their algorithm, if you broadcast on Facebook Live, there is a high chance of people watching your post a second time. Facebook also provides automatic archiving to your page, and has plenty of audience personalization options: you can broadcast to specific audiences like your group members or event page members – which is great for marketers. Videos on Facebook Live provide nearly 20 times more impression time – a huge increase in catching someone’s attention and keeping it. This means higher engagement with your audience – and event companies will tell you that that is reason enough to choose this platform.
    • Periscope: This platform is working along with Twitter for creating a better platform for organic results from those who were never in your follower’s list. This is possible in Twitter as most of the user accounts on Twitter are public. It is completely integrated into Twitter’s ecosystem, and combined with the use of hashtags and native sharing, the videos are highly searchable. Unlike Facebook, Periscope does not rely on ads, and can allow an event to market itself organically; more so if you campaign on Twitter prior to going live. A brand can post more frequently on Periscope – enabling marketers to create a buzz around an upcoming live broadcast easily. If you’re an active participant in a discussion with a hastagged topic, with Periscope you can engage them more actively. Periscope technology is more developed as they had a year’s head start over Facebook. Though it started as a standalone app that limited its adoption, it is now creating media partnerships to keep up with Facebook and Snapchat. It was the first streaming service that offered 360 degree live streams – which are great for concerts and so on. Periscope also offers superior sound quality. Event management companies in Bangalore are of the view that if you are a nascent brand without the resources for investing and building a fan base on Facebook, this platform can help you to leverage people’s interest in live video and develop a following quickly without buying ads. If Twitter is your main social media platform and you’re active there, Periscope will push your videos to the fore and ensure more engagement than before. A word of caution: any service related to Twitter has an uncertain future as things stand now, so don’t bank completely on Periscope.
    • Instagram Live: With the new update that allows live streaming on Instagram, Facebook is competing with itself! Instagram live is halting Snapchat in its tracks, especially with the introduction of Instagram stories and Live. It’s not yet a fully developed service and lacks many features seen in other streaming services. Though it’s a stripped down version of the other services, it succeeds in FOMO; as the live broadcasts disappear after 24 hours, viewers know it’s a now or never thing. Event marketers can leverage this: they can live stream presentations without causing potential long-term impacts to the presenter or event. Instagram is ideal for engagement and Q & A sessions; there is no native sharing, so you can forget about finding new audiences. The top event management companies in Bangalore feel that you should opt for Instagram Live if you’re looking to get the maximum engagement from your Instagram followers.
    • YouTube – future contender: Though YouTube has been in the live streaming business, they did not have a mobile app for it. It was meant for desktop webcams, and professional controls like customized settings for audio and video, in-depth analytics, translations, ad monetization, huge SEO potential etc; way ahead of their mobile rivals. They are working on a comprehensive mobile alternative; when they roll that out, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and others are going to have to fight a pitched battle to retain customers or gain new ones. YouTube Live videos will be uploaded on any platform that enables embedding. Thanks to its SEO discoverability and the plethora of editing options like clickable links, annotations and more, YouTube Live videos will also have a greater archival value. It may very well turn out to be the best live streaming service of all!

    To Sum Up – The race for being the top dog in live streaming is dynamic – but it is certain now that more people are aware of what it is and the demand for it is increasing by the day. As of now, attention spans are limited; you can count them in seconds. The time it changes to minutes, will be good for event marketers and organizers. As of now, based on your specific purpose, you will have to decide which platform is suitable for you.

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