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  • Leverage Moment Marketing to Create an Impact at Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 10/04/2017

    According to top event management companies in Bangalore, moment marketing is a great way to reach a huge audience. Newspapers and promotional marketing companies use it quite often; of course, it does backfire sometimes; like when a magazine had already printed their covers with ‘US gets its first Woman President’ before the results were announced.

    Moment marketing is all about getting the right product in the customer’s hand at the right time for maximum exposure, even if there is some initial loss. It’s all about capitalizing on having the right message at the perfect moment. Though it seems spontaneous, it’s often in the planning stage for weeks. The spontaneity factor, say expert event organizers in Bangalore, has huge potential for going viral, but also carries the risk of error.

    You can use your real life experience to trigger interactions online or at events; it helps to connect people and the brand just as if everyone was sitting together. However, the content and context need to be perfectly aligned – and it’s not easy. Here are a few ways to use moment marketing successfully:

    1. Be ready: Have a team in place who can think on their feet in the event of emergencies or unforeseen disasters like power outages. Case in point: During the US Super Bowl Championships in 2013, there was a power outage that stopped the game for half an hour – and social media marketers grabbed the opportunity. The winner? Oreo who tweeted, “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” Nobody could predict the power outage but they had a team at the ready to take care of such situations. Similarly if the power fails, or some other unexpected stuff happens at your event, you can give out a brand message that is relevant to the situation.
    1. Timing is everything: Let’s say one of the main speakers at your event is delayed; this can also be used as an opportunity for moment marketing. Create a Facebook post or tweet by inserting your company and brand cleverly in the conversation. Do not hesitate to get out your marketing message – every second counts. Make sure you have a solid team in place – one person won’t cut it.
    1. Know your audience: As mentioned before, moment marketing seems spontaneous but weeks of planning go into it. You need to research your target audience in advance, and what their likely reactions will be to different scenarios that could play out during your event. Remember, your message must fit in with your brand image, your audience and what is happening at the moment.

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