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  • Leave Tech Aside: Unplug your Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 06/03/2017

    A bit of a shocking headline, isn’t it? Today everyone is all about incorporating more technology into everything – including events. And now, we’re saying leave it on the back burner? What’s happening? After all, today everyone is glued to their mobile devices; so how can we tell people to unplug? Sacrilege!

    Technology has almost taken over our lives; so much so, that we find it hard to focus on what’s happening around us! For that very reason, it is good to unplug once in a while; leave the distraction provided by technology, and focus on the here and now. Corporate event organizers in Bangalore opine that though it’s important to promote events on social media, it’s even more important to ensure that attendees get attention and valuable takeaways from the event itself.

    Ask any event management company in Bangalore, and they will bemoan the fact that Smartphones, iPads and laptops are actually the reason for interruptions, lack of focus, and even disinterest during events. Often attendees feel the need to constantly tweet or post updates about their experience – while missing out on many things actually happening at the event! You can imagine them to be digital zombies, not really understanding or taking in what is happening in front of them – but they’re tweeting about it or chatting with someone across the continent about it!

    When you announce an ‘Unplugged’ event, you encourage your attendees to actively participate in discussions and workshops, and to mingle with other attendees and interact with influencers and speakers; after all, aren’t these actual reasons for holding and attending corporate events? As a corporate event management company in Bangalore, we say yes emphatically!

    When you want your audience to pay 100% attention at any specific time – say a product launch, specifically request them to put their gadgets aside for a while. Maybe you can have a charging station, say – it might help; they can keep their gadgets there, AND recharge their batteries. You could also try giving them ‘tech breaks’ where they can send emails, make calls, or check their social messages and post updates. In today’s world, tuning them out altogether, won’t cut it. This way, they will be happy to give you their undivided attention when the actual speech or seminar is taking place.

    You may wonder how you’re going to promote your event without attendees accessing their gadgets all day. Leave that headache to us. At White Massif, we’ve had years of experience promoting events and organizing them too. We have been in the industry even before tech became such a big thing. As one of the top 10 event management companies in Bangalore, we assure you that we can organize a successful event with less tech, while keeping your attendees happy and attentive.

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