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  • Innovative Sponsorship Ideas for Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    When hundreds of events are held each year, how will you make your event attractive to sponsors? Booths, banners and logos have become blah. Event management companies in Bangalore will vouch for the fact that without unique ideas, you will find it really tough to find sponsors. Here are some ideas:

    • Play Areas: allow your attendees to release their inner child and relax post sessions or during lunch breaks. Install giant Jenga, chess, monopoly or other board games; the sponsors can have giant branded pieces. You could also have bean bags for people to just relax. Hold mini-contests so that your sponsor is highlighted every now and then.
    • Craft Corner: People are more likely to share their brand interaction experience when they create something. Make a craft corner where attendees get to indulge their artistic abilities – simple decoration, molding, whatever you can include; something they can take home and serves as a reminder of both your event and the sponsor.
    • Green Love: Give attendees plants – trees, flowers or even seeds – in branded flower pots. The brand is displayed prominently at home, and the plant will remind them for years of the event and the sponsor.
    • Fitness and Meditation: you can keep it light and fun; it’s a great stress buster for busy execs as well. Have branded meditation corners: you could have branded yoga mats, headbands and so on. Have short zumba or aerobics sessions which will really energize your participants.
    • Live Streaming: Ask anyone organizing corporate events in Bangalore, and they will tell you that today this has become almost mandatory for events. Find a sponsor to live stream your event online, with their logo/banner being displayed prominently on top or bottom – they will be glad to do it.
    • Spa and Massage Services: What better way to ease out tension than a good massage? Get sponsors to provide 10-15 minute head, shoulder, neck and foot massages – your attendees will love you for it. The masseuses and other support staff can sport branded T-Shirts. It’s a win-win situation all around!
    • Goody Bags: Yes, goody bags have been around for some time. But think higher; get sponsors to shell out slightly higher end bags with some awesome goodies in them – all branded of course. Your attendees will be thrilled and your sponsors will have their brand being displayed conspicuously.
    • Virtual/augmented reality: With people becoming more tech savvy, virtual reality demos and services are becoming extremely popular; remember Pokemon Go? Look for a sponsor to provide this exciting and memorable experience for your attendees.

    The sky’s the limit! The more ‘out there’ your idea is, the more likely you are to find sponsors.

    If you’re not willing to spend time and effort in innovating, just call in people who have experience with such things – like White Massif , one of the best event management firms in Bangalore. They have experienced staff adept at coming up with quirky, never-before ideas, and contacts with a host of vendors and potential sponsors. Make it easy on yourself and call them in.