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  • Innovative Ideas for Event Décor

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 03/04/2017

    Where events are concerned, décor can make all the difference. Table settings, lighting, flowers – all these make an impression on attendees, and of course you want it to be good. Here are a few innovative ideas from some of the best event management companies in Bangalore which will help you to take your events to the next level.

    • Wayfinding: Most venues are likely to be unfamiliar spaces as far as attendees are concerned – especially in large convention centers. It can be overwhelming and disorienting. Most such venues incorporate wayfinding in the floor design or carpeting, but if they don’t, make sure you do it. Help your attendees to find their way even more easily by including subtle hints in every event material you share with them. Conference organizers in Bangalore advise that you include the floor plans in invites; if the floors at the venue have chevron arrows, include those in your invites or agenda updates – it will help them make the connection quickly.
    • Special Spaces: Though traditional theater style seating in auditoriums is still commonly used at events, you can innovate and make the ambiance more fun and informal. This is becoming the norm for seminars and workshops where learning takes place. Breakout sessions are getting more hands on and interactive, and demands versatile seating, allowing participants to move and engage with one another. Even panel speakers prefer cozier and more casual setups, like lounges. Coffee tables, dimmed lights, lounge chairs, even bean bags – are all the rage for breakout sessions today. These make for an inviting atmosphere.
    • Table Décor: Minimalism is in. Sleek, futuristic black and white looks with a splash of color perhaps – that’s the trend in table décor. You could also go with the event’s color theme – which is usually based on the company colors. Another option is tables without linens to offer participants a clean, upscale workspace, allowing interaction at dinner time.
    • Seating and Lighting: Today’s events are all about networking, according to event management firms in Bangalore. So you need to arrange both to encourage this. Cluster seating offers attendees space for collaboration, making it easy to move about – it can also be easily rearranged. Try for maximum natural light during interactive group sessions and soft, warm lighting when there are one on one sessions for more closeness.

    Try out these tips and see how it transforms a regular event into something out of the world and classy at the same time. Never stick to the normal, try being different.

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