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  • How unconventional event locations make successful events
  • How Unconventional Event Locations Make Successful Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 22/05/2017

    Events are meant to be memorable. When you organize events, you want them to stay fresh in the minds of your audience and have them looking forward for more. But you aren’t going to succeed in doing so if you organize the same old boardroom meeting or a cliche charity event. Think different, bring about changes to your event strategy and let the gathering be a shocker!

    One such way of making your event stand out from the rest is by using unconventional locations. Locations play a very important role in creating the ambiance of your event. Using unique locations as suggested by the top event management companies in Bangalore, help sparks the interest of your guests and keep them hooked!

    Let’s see how that works!

    • We know it’s hard to find venues that reflect your theme, event, and brand. So try something different. Think about the venues that add to your audience experience. Rustic spaces such as a vineyard or farmhouse make great event venues for your company’s annual meeting or achievement parties. Escort your guests to these offbeat locales and the journey will surely have your guests perked up.
    • The stereotypical product launch functions aren’t going to work as crowd pullers anymore. The crowd today, aren’t interested in the regular fundraising or charity events. To keep up with the times, it is essential to spice up your event with an unusual event location, this could get your audience rushing in. How about hosting your event at an airport tarmac? Sounds bizarre? Recently, a biggie corporate company abroad hosted their product launch event at an airport hangar. The turnout was astounding! You could try it for your next event. Worried about how to organize all of it yourself? Rope in the pro’s. For hassle free events, hire the best event management companies in Bangalore and leave the rest to them.
    • Charity events or fundraisers could do with a little drama. A drama theatre could create a great ambience for your event. For that extra spark, you could host a murder mystery party and hire actors to entertain your guests or even better, let your guests be a part of it! Let them play Sherlock Holmes and figure out who the murderer is!
    • Cocktail parties held in the regular ballrooms are clearly BORING! Going for a change in venue can make an interesting twist to your cliche cocktail party. Think out of the box! One completely crazy idea of a cocktail party would be an art gallery or an art school. Art adds a magical ambience to your shindig and your guests will be thoroughly intrigued by the setup! To take it a step further, you can even have local art students create pieces for your invitees. Perfect, don’t you think?
    • Fashion events can be tricky. Have your models fire up the ramp at the most unlikely locations. Warehouses sound absurd but with the right decor and organization, your audience is sure going to go bezerk. Going the extra mile, you could use a huge parking lot as your ramp too and add a food truck to complete it.
    • Hosting a big party, but how to do it differently? One of the best event organizers in Bangalore let us in on their secret. To use an offbeat event idea, they organized a big bash in a nightclub! What’s so creative about that? Well, the bash was held at a nightclub, during the day. Nightclubs sit empty during the day and are underutilized even though they have the light, AV and food facilities. Give it thought…
    • If you have a big budget and are looking to host a lavish event, we suggest you take your guests away on a cruise. Pick a multi-day adventure cruise loaded with amenities. You could hire the best event management company in town, to do the rest for you. For big brands who like to stay a cut above the rest, give your event idea wings, like literally! In-flight events are a big YES, these days. Guests are flown away and it is the best time to get your message across to a cabin full of bored passengers. Bar Business took it up a notch and gave their flyers mixing lessons mid-flight. How cool is that? They served up two rounds of cocktail during the flight and suddenly the airport bar loses its charm.
    • If you are organizing a party for children, try putting together a kids graffiti party at a museum. It makes a great place to teach and learn. But we know, that kids can be messy! To keep things under control with so many kids around, you can try directing their attention to a messy graffiti art wall with kid friendly crayons. What kid doesn’t like scribbling on the wall? You could hire professionals to organize things for you so that the kids don’t create a mess around the place.

    If you are planning an event and have a lot at stake, it is in your best interest to hire professionals for the job. Get expert event planners like  WhiteMassif to organize memorable events for you.