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  • How To Hike Up The Fun Element At Corporate Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 04/12/2017

    When we think of corporate events we think of a bunch of stuffy executives and CEO in expensive suits and leather briefcases poring over notes through thick-rimmed glasses. But even these serious types secretly need a dash of fun to perk them up. So how will you raise the bar for having fun during your next serious event? Here are some expert tips:

    • Let the creativity flow: You may be surprised to know that even bespectacled execs have hidden talents. And they may be of different types. So here’s what you can do: for those with a flair for writing, have a giant writing board, and provide the first sentence or phrase of a story. Let everyone who wants to participate add a couple of lines – see how the story progresses! For those with an artistic bent, place a giant canvas, or a couple of canvases, and provide pens for doodling, erasable paint – you can even have a digital wall and ensure zero wastage. You can also have a couple of craft stations – provide glue, scissors, felt, buttons and some other materials, and let them work their magic.
    • Playtime: Nowadays it is the trend for event firms to mark areas of the auditorium for play – they can be giant board games like snakes and ladders or Monopoly, giant Jenga, Twister, mini golf, and so on. You can also have a couple of video game stations to help your attendees chill out. You can also highlight your sponsors through games – let’s say XYZ Tech is a sponsor; you can name your video games ‘arcade’ as XYZ Tech Video Arcade, and so on.
    • Interactive sessions: With a good emcee, you can have your attendees play silly interactive games that will bring out the inner child in each one of your participants; this can be done in between two heavy sessions. All it takes a few props; a few examples are: getting people to pair up, and having one bandage their partner from head to toe in toilet paper to make a mummy. May the best mummy win! Then you can also provide a few small handkerchiefs, safety pins, water bottles, school bags, and lots of baby powder, and ask one of a pair to be the kindergarten kid; the other has to dress up the ‘baby’! It’s guaranteed to have the audience in splits.
    • Showcase your stuff: If your event is a product launch or anything to do with products, turn it into a memorable experience. If its new software you’re rolling out, have a couple of stations where they can have a demo; if its cosmetics, get some beauticians to offer your guests a makeover; it could even be a hair wash. If your products are cookware, invite your attendees to cook something. Same way, for electronics and appliances, you can give them a demo of the working.
    • Offer the opportunity to learn something: Have a few experts who can guide your guests on different things like, for example, mixing cocktails, barbecuing, origami, making different hairstyles, dancing lessons (like Zumba, jiving or waltzing), they are sure to love it.

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