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  • What Should You Know While Before Hiring New Event Vendors

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 16/04/2018

    Successful events happen when you work with the right team. As event managers, your A-team is your powerful network of reliable vendors who work with you. Nonetheless, there comes a time when one of your vendors is unavailable and will not be able to support you in your event process. So what do you do? The obvious answer is you look for a new vendor. But as the top corporate event planners in Bangalore will tell you, working with a new vendor is risky business because eventually the vendors and their supplies are what make or break your event.

    The next time you plan on working with new event vendors, here’s what you should keep in mind-

    A simple way of finding new event vendors is by gathering referrals from your already existent vendors or other corporate event organisers in Bangalore. Don’t forget to talk to people who have worked with your prospects. Once you’ve run a background check and are satisfied, go for the kill!

    Do they fit your budget? If your potential vendor provides you with all the services you can ask for and more at a lower price, you just got lucky! Any vendor service rates depend on various factors; however, make sure that the quality of service isn’t compromised in the process.

    Look around! Visit their office and workstation to find out how they work. Gather samples and confirm that they match your requirement before you hire them. Discuss your company policies and payment terms with your prospect. Once the terms and conditions are set and verified by both parties, you can go ahead and seal the deal!

    If you find a highly experienced vendor with some spectacular ideas that can change the face of your event, you should surely try to incorporate them but in your own space. Put together both ideas and see how the blend works. If you think they are ok, consider hiring them.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about your requirements and your research. Doing your homework really helps you make the right choice!