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  • Google uptime: the trending live event broadcast app
  • Google Uptime: The Trending Live Event Broadcast App

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 17/04/2017

    Uptime is a YouTube app launched by a startup funded by Google. Event management companies in Bangalore are hailing it as the possible ‘next big thing’ in live event broadcast. This iOS app allows users to search for, and watch YouTube videos with friends regardless of their location, and comment in real time. There’s no Android app as yet unfortunately, and this app does not let you record or stream your own videos.

    How Does it Work?

    Earlier, you would call your friends over to watch a DVD; now, you can do the same thing with your friends living miles away; all participants have to be logged in to the app. As mentioned earlier, you cannot yet live-stream as it’s a view only platform, but it’s quite possible that this feature will soon be included in the app. Users can watch existing videos on YouTube together, and share links to their viewing sessions through social media. Users can also share fun stuff like sparkles, hearts, stickers and more… rather like a video party!

    The Future

    There is a lot of talk about Uptime and its future capabilities. It is thought that live-streaming will be incorporated, and that Google may integrate the app fully into YouTube. There is also the possibility that Google will allow the app to grow on its own, and later identify its best features to be added to YouTube.

    How can it be used in Events?

    According to corporate event organizers in Bangalore, there are several ways in which this app can be made use of, thanks to its ability to turn prerecorded content into a live event.

    • When you release a new video related to your event, schedule it to be broadcast on an Uptime channel rather than just posting it on YouTube. This way, you can re-broadcast keynote speeches and webinars around the world, regardless of time zones.
    • When live streaming is added, or if any of the app’s current features get added to YouTube, it will be a dream for anyone organizing events. Being part of the Google ecosystem, it means almost everyone already has an account. The features are also very user friendly, and the best thing is, it is free. Imagine live streaming your events with built-in commenting
    • With the addition of more live features, Uptime can be a serious viable back channel for events.


    It’s true that it is still early days as far as Uptime is concerned and the availability and features are still limited. However it is expected that it will soon be released worldwide and more features will be added, seeing how popular it has become in the US in such a short span of time.

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