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  • 5 flower-free yet elegant centerpiece ideas for your next corporate gala
  • 5 Flower-free Yet Elegant Centerpiece Ideas For Your Next Corporate Gala

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    As the name suggests, centerpieces are always the center of attention at any party and more often than not, the blooms of the season adorn your tables. Floral centerpieces are beautiful, there’s no denying it but sometimes it can become a tad too expensive and can burn a hole in your budget. But who would want to skimp on elegance?

    Well, the top corporate event management companies in Bangalore, have forgone blooms and embraced unconventional centerpieces that did steal the limelight from the cliched florals.

    Here are some of the ideas, you can try…

    1. Candles
      This is one of the most common alternatives to a floral centerpiece but when used in the right way, they create some outstanding centerpieces. A translucent top open cube embossed with your company logo and tea lights highlighting them from within is a creative way of decorating the tables while driving home your brand. Style your candles according to the ambiance you aim to create.
    2. Glassware
      A plain glass globe that reflects the lighting of your arena can work wonders. Placing the glass globe in place is the tricky part but it can spice up your centerpiece if done right. An artistic holder such as a gold ring or a colorful mat underneath only adds to the beauty of the piece.
      Another fresh take on glass centerpieces was a tower fish tank. Add base lights to highlight the tank from underneath and voila!
    3. Artistic Pieces
      Creative pieces do make great centerpieces. Take metal sculptures for instance. Metal sculptures with conducively combined with soft glowing electric candles that subtly focus on your sculpture, make a regal centerpiece. Don’t go over the top while choosing sculptures because you want to add drama to your tables without creating a jarring ambiance.
    4. The three-sided marquee
      A three-sided marquee at the center of the table that offers unique messages and also updates, is a creative centerpiece, don’t you think? This idea has been adapted from the 30th-anniversary party of the famous charitable organization- robin hood foundation.  Feel free to personalize messages and make your attendees feel at home.
    5. Paper foldouts
      Yes, you read that right, paper foldouts are making it big at events these days. Laser cut paper fold outs adorn tabletops as centerpieces. They are chic and creative. The foldouts can take the form of anything you like. The key is to keep it simple and make it your own… the options are endless.