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  • Expert Event Promotion Strategies

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 13/11/2017

    Conducting an event is a monumental task that’s full of excitement and challenges. Ask any event management company in Bangalore, and they will agree that one of the biggest challenges is promoting your event. The challenge doesn’t stem from lack of avenues, but rather from the plethora of choices! The trick is using the appropriate methods and strategy to successfully promote your event.

    • Have a multi-pronged approach to marketing: Don’t focus on only one platform – diversify but in an organized manner. Use email marketing, social marketing, create a dedicated hashtag, consider ads in print media, FM radio, website, hoardings, and so on. Ensure that people are able to find info about your event easily.
    • Paid ads: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc all provide paid ad services. These ads can help you get info on your audience like location, age, preferred browsing time, kind of device they use and so on; this information can prove useful to engage with your attendees even after your event.
    • Run contests: Most people love to take part in contests and win, even if the prize is nothing to rave about – it’s all about participating and winning. You can run contests on social media. Your local FM radio station, or even in the newspaper. It could be coming up with funny captions, posting pictures or something similar.
    • Retargeting: this is a great tool used very successfully by intelligent marketers. Concentrate especially on those who visited your page but didn’t click further (buy tickets). Don’t worry that retargeting is considered a nuisance. According to statistics, over 55% of people react neutrally to retargeted ads, and 30% give a positive reaction.
    • Proper Signage: visual appeal always works strongest. Corporate event management firms in Bangalore say that you need to create graphical representations online, place visible hoardings, banners and other branded material in prominent places like malls, so that you get maximum mileage.
    • Showcase you’re Presenters: Create a buzz about your event by releasing sneak previews of what attendees can expect in the form of teaser videos or images. You can either use footage from previous events, or request your speakers to do a small 1 or 2 minute video. When people know that their favorite celebrity/performer/speaker will be at the event, they will make a beeline to register or buy tickets.
    • Hold mini events: In the run-up to your event, especially if it’s a big annual do and your event is on a national level, hold mini events locally. By the time your annual gala is due, there will be people waiting to queue up to buy tickets.

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