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  • The ultimate list of event venue ideas
  • The Ultimate List Of Event Venue Ideas

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    One of the biggest factors that play a vital role in creating the right ambience is… You guessed right… THE VENUE.

    The venue is the key to successful event organization. Well, because you host the event there, of course! There are a wide variety of venues that can make a stellar event hosting space but the trick lies in identifying hidden gems in the vicinity that not many know about.

    Popular corporate event organisers in Bangalore, have put together the ultimate list of event venues that will help you find your ideal event space in a blink!

    The most unusual venues: Any public or private space that is unusual and can create a quirky setting can do magic to your event. Museums, art galleries, theatres and even buildings under construction( with enhanced safety facilities) offer great event spaces

    1. Hotels: Most hotels do you have event spaces. Larger ones offer ballrooms and conference halls or even the lawn premise while smaller hotels offer restaurants, bars and lobbies that can be hired.
    2. Halls and community spaces: Local authorities do have a number of halls and community spaces available for events. But remember, you need to book spaces like these, well in advance!
    3. Stadiums and arenas: Thinking big? You need your venue to go big too! So, stadiums and arenas work well, don’t you think? Stadiums and arenas are ideal for large scale events and can hold thousands of guests with ease. Moreover, it provides on-site parking facilities too, which is an added bonus!
    4. Fields and marquees: Fields are your play area if you are willing to travel to the outskirts of the city where landowners let out their sites for festivals, fairs and other events. Although it can be difficult to set up an event in an open expanse such as these, the right team of event organisers in Bangalore can help you go from nada to magic!
    5. Parks and public spaces: Parks and waterfronts owned by local authorities also make good event spaces. A request in writing to the officials could get you an event space at a nominal fee.
    6. Sports clubs: Who would have thought, right? Yes, there are many sports clubs and golf courses that would like to cash in on their premise. Although you might have to drop the fixtures, places like these still make great event venues.