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  • Event Trends You Need to Know for 2019

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    In this modern world of technology, event planning and strategizing has become easier and better. New innovations, inspire the attendees to witness something unique and enthralling and keep them on their toes always waiting for something new and exciting every other time. Various event trends are rumbling underfoot and have gained momentum after the establishment of the era of technological advancements. These trends have now become trendsetters and are in particular, able to serve the attendees beyond their satisfaction level thus giving immense delight for the event.
    The event trends that you need to know for 2019 to make your event star-studded, full of the big shots, VIPs, are as follows:

    1. Employ voice for larger audience engagement.Artificial intelligence is largely becoming the protocol and the mandate rule behind every attendee experience and enrolment. Even if the event planners haven’t started off with using it at events, your attendees are using it in the car, at home and work, almost every possible where. In fact, according to a study conducted by Google, 20% of searches were voice searches.Now you must be wondering what can a voice to create engagement and how. I would say that after the installment of technology in the world, “Voice speaks more than the words”. The use of voice to drive engagement are as stated below:

      – Look into different and innovative approaches or ways for your voice technology feature to perform actions and show the desired results. People are sliding away roughly from asking questions through texts to simply asking voice assistants to operate the functional commands.

      – Create “if, then” type of situations or scenarios that are useful to attendees. Be proactive, not reactive in your voice assistance tech. For example, if someone enquires where the organizer X is on the stage floor, the voice assistant could then ask if they are available on the floor and are likely to schedule a meet on urgent basis.

      – Link the availability and the unique ability to read the badges of the attendees with your voice assistant technological feature, so it has all the information about the attendee that will be helpful and handy.

    2. Gather funds and achieve sponsorship with the help of augmented realityonline marketing has definitely raised the bar for all the businesses, events and interactions. It has absolutely pushed the need and want for reliability, accountability, variability, tangibility, and return on every money of investment. Events every time face the major hit directly on the face of not acquiring satisfactory sponsorships, be it a big well-known event or a small startup event. However, augmented reality can do the needful. In order to harness the creative, novel opportunities in augmented reality:- Animate the immovable, static objects to gain more traction. It shall be as the 2019’s version of neon.

      – Use customized, paid filters like Snapchat and these days even Instagram does. Even Facebook is on the battlefield to make the profile frames simpler than ever to use. For example, for the digital India campaign, the profile frames were customized with digitization thus giving a unique identity of support and momentum for the campaign.

    3. Live event marketingAccording to a survey, 52% of the respondents said that event marketing brought in more value of a business than any other marketing efforts and channels. But what’s making the event marketing so effective and efficient that it’s like a crystal ball wherein attendees can easily make up an estimation of driving the effectiveness of their businesses? It’s the fact that the brain and mind power that we spend in front of a virtual screen is immensely increasing year by the year. And as that timeline increases, people seldom want to switch to their old means of interaction which was fresher and was the real interactive communication, unlike the screen communication. Thus the face-to-face Event marketing takes makes it a more treasured commodity in our modern world with still existing simple people.Thus the event planners who wish to have their event lively and not just another pain in the shoulder of the attendees should have networking sessions, plenary and breakout sessions, networking area, and a booth with good seating arrangements, etc.
    4. Event personalizationPersonalization is something which is way beyond just personas. It is creating again on individualistic terms in return of the individualistic presence in the event. Today personalization is achieved by high-level attendee data collection, which is becoming more disciplined and sophisticated. In 2019 and in May more
      years ahead, robust data and engagement tools will help the events to move away from personas to true personalization.But the main question of performance arises that how to personalize events? It is definitely much more essential than ever that the attendees should feel enlightened and empowered to mold the event and meet their individualistic wants and needs. Thus the event planners need to deliver an experience that resonates both with the motto of the event and the attendees. The trends seen in 2019 with respect to personalization are:

      – Silent conferences

      A good number of speakers are able to present in the same, shared space, while attendees wear the headphones that let them choose a speaker of their choice and toggle between the multiple speakers present.

      – Live polling

      Live polling apps are available which allow to gather and collect the feedback in real-time and even crowdsource the agenda required as the event unfolds.

      – Better guest management

      It allows event planners to create a truly personalized experience for VIPs and other guests.