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  • Event Trends Of 2018

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 12/03/2018

    Just like every other industry, the New Year brings on the advent new trends in the event industry. But the key is to keep up with them. Clearly, 2017 showcased some out-of-the-box events and 2018 looks promising say the experts from popular corporate event organisers in Bangalore.

    2017 saw technology taking over all dimensions of events and management and events in 2018 is only going to get BIGGER and BETTER.  

    Here’s a list of technological trends that are going to take the events management industry by storm.

    • Technology is taking events to whole new level. Top corporate event planners in Bangalore are now gearing up to include high tech gadgets and devices to make event management and entertainment seamless. For instance, RFID is the new vogue in many major events.  Radio Frequency Identification was popularly used at music festivals but this trend is now making its way into other events like fashion shows, art festivals, film festivals, wine tastings etc. If you are planning to host a large scale event, your invitees will be grateful for RFID wristbands which can be used for multi-day events, making cashless purchases or approaching various zones in an event with ease. Another form of technology that is enticing invitees is virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Many corporate event organisers in Bangalore make use of virtual reality to give their audience product demos and virtual tours. Great marketing and promotional strategies, don’t you think?
    • There is a dynamic shift in the types of event venues that are likely to be chosen this year. Gone are the days when corporate meetings were held in boring conference rooms. Instead, organisers today who are into creating lasting first impressions make use of spectacular venues such as rooftops of high rise buildings or a palace that can be rented etc. Unconventional venues are the new buzz and the drama they create can do wonders to your event’s ambiance. The organisers can very comfortably customize the location to suit their needs! If the venue is a far-away destination or a foreign country, infusing local region subtly with your theme will give attendees a chance to share the local experience.
    • Sustainable events are in. This year many major business organisations and corporates have decided to encourage sustainable events as part of their social responsibility. One such way to do this is by going paperless. The idea is to make use of technology for all the talking and teaching you want to do. You don’t always need brochures to drive your message home! Another option is to make use of recycled and reusable items.