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  • Event technology fail? here’s how to bounce back
  • Event Technology Fail? Here’s How To Bounce Back

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 11/12/2017

    Technology is everywhere today and there’s no looking back – it’s only going to be more and more a part of our lives, and in every aspect. Event management firms in Bangalore like White Massif have been using technology for nearly every aspect of events – from promotion to conducting the event, to collecting feedback afterward.

    Technology has certainly made the job easy for event managers in many ways; however, there could be times when technology has the opposite effect. It is possible that technology could fail you due to various reasons. This could turn out to be very embarrassing and problematic. What do you do when the very thing you thought would make managing the event very smooth, fails you? Here are some tips from the best event management companies in Bangalore:

    Problem # 1: Tech goes on the fritz

    It could happen that everything suddenly ‘hangs’ for no reason, and nothing seems to work, regardless of how many buttons you try to push; or perhaps, it’s gone completely haywire and not working like it should be – some software that doesn’t load properly, VR that doesn’t connect, and so on. Embarrassing – yes, impossible to fix, no.


    Try to understand what the root cause is, and why the technology did not work like it was supposed to. Power it off and check the hardware, and power it back again. Corporate event management firms in Bangalore plan beforehand for such contingencies and have a couple of tech support people on-site so that they can get your tech up and running within a short time. Make sure that they provide a lasting solution, and that the issue does not crop up again.

    Problem # 2: The Technology was unsuitable for your event

    In some cases, the technology may work perfectly but may not really be the apt one for your specific event. Your participants probably did not use the tools you arranged for them, or the ultra-modern, hi-tech AV equipment you rented may remain unused throughout the event. While this may not be as big an embarrassment as the first problem, it could mean a waste of money and resources.


    You need to start thinking about the kind of tech you will use for your event – way before the event is actually due, to avoid these gaffes on the big day. Take a look at your potential audience, and think from their viewpoint. What will they need and like? What will they use? What do they want to accomplish by attending the event? When you find the answer to these questions, you will know the kind of technology you need to use for the event.

    Problem # 3: The Technology overshadowed your event

    Yes, even this can happen. The technology may be a little too good and may dazzle your guests so much, that it becomes a distraction. The tech becomes the star of the show, and the purpose of your event may not be achieved. This is something you definitely don’t want to happen.


    Again, you need to start thinking about the technology you want to use for the event way before it is underway. Think about how technology can add to your event, and how much value it will have for your guests. The technology you use must make it easy for you to organize the event, and for your participants to have a more immersive and complete experience. At the drawing board, you need to define your audience demographics and their goals and choose the technology wisely.

    Technology can get a little overwhelming at times – as can other aspects of an event. Take the easy and wise way out by calling in the experts to help you pull off a spectacular event. White Massif is a premier corporate event management firm in Bangalore with years of experience, dedicated and expert staff, and widespread industry contacts that help in crafting superlative event experiences.