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  • Everything you Need to Know About Event Promotion

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 23/07/2018

    Planning and publicising corporate events effectively right from the start and engaging people’s interest is critical to their success. Think about a well-organized event goes unnoticed due to a lack of promotion. Doesn’t sound good, right? Every event organizing company takes a lot of efforts to take shape. Any marketing tactic that is used specifically to bring awareness to your event is known as event promotion. This can range from email to social media to flyer handouts. Creative approach to the promotion is highly relevant in the success of the event.

    As the best event management company in Bangalore, we follow certain steps to promote our events.

    • Powerful Invitations

    Start by making powerful invitations which will act as a statement of the event’s credibility. If done properly, they will make the event irresistible and demand to be taken seriously. Personalising invitations are always simple and effective. By tailoring them as much as possible to the invitee and their business sector, you increase the chances they will attend. Using compelling, modern and fresh designs to support the brand are also vital to engage the delegate and will lend authority to the event.

    1. Very Special Guests

    Inviting a reputed speaker is the classic way of filling your venue with interested visitors. If you don’t have the budget to invite a Hollywood A-lister to speak, you may switch off to this idea immediately. By researching your industry carefully and understanding who is of interest to the audience, you may find a great live speaker, someone who may not be well known, but is able to hold an audience, is confident at the podium, someone who will speak from the heart and engage the audience.

    1. Pre-event campaign

    Launching a pre-event social media campaign always ensures that there is a rising groundswell of activity which continues to generate energy and excitement up to the event and even after it. Create a perfect calendar of pre-event activities and monitor how the appeal of the campaign is growing.

    1. Local Partners

    Getting local partners and small business to involve is a great way to make your event more exciting. For instance, invite a pop-up coffee business to park outside the venue. Give your guests an alternative with a pop-up juice bar. You can use branded cups to reinforce the message. It’s another interesting method of adding excitement to your event.

    1. Added Venue Extras

    If the client’s delegates are travelling long distances, give them benefits of a local tour. You could employ a local partner to do it for you. If your event invites an international audience, arranging a walking tour will be of real interest and be relatively low cost. You could also work with a local tour partner or community group to generate an audio MP3 tour that guests can download and take on their own. It’s all about creativity and adding on small ideas to keep the delegates happy is always a prime concern.

    1. Amazing Hand-Outs

    Creating inspiring and amazing handouts which will be kept and shared can be very expensive. Going through the print media to produce glossy corporate event brochures can also be notoriously expensive. But focusing on where to spend, you can save a lot and make the promotion exciting and interesting.

    1. Email marketing

    According to Eventbrite survey 2018, email is the frequently used and effective method of marketing to reach attendees. Compared to most of the promotional tools, email is the least expensive and most cost-effective. Email segmentation is another opportunity for large, more complex events. If your event attracts sales professionals from a variety of industries, segmenting the email list will be more convenient.

    Creativity is the key to promoting corporate events, no matter what your budget is. Time is critical for your delegates and they want to know that their time will be rewarded and also that they will be wowed by your excitement in the project.