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  • Event marketing: how to successfully promote your event
  • Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Your Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 17/07/2017

    Google search is all about being found. Whether it’s a seminar, a small meeting, or a large conference, putting your event on top of the search is how you can grab your audience attention. You must make it easier for your audience to find your event whether they have heard of you or not! While there’s no magic, all you need now is a very strong marketing plan. Here are a few ideas that can help you power through event marketing and it’s easy…

    The Event Page or Website

    The cornerstone of any event is the event page or website. It is the first thing your audience will search for while looking up your event online. In your website or event page clearly state your topic/theme, time, place and who can attend. Make it brief but compelling. Use images from previous events or event related videos to have your audience intrigued. You could also include a short note on the speakers so the attendees know what they can expect. Transparency is key. Don’t forget to have a prominent “Register” button so that a visitor can jump into action!

    Keep Your Social Media Accounts Buzzing

    Social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure for all kind of events. Creating a pre-event buzz can always help your event to the top of the search results. Create an event hashtag that works. Keep it short and unique. Make sure you use the hashtag in every tweet or post to get you a far better reach. Keep your audience updated with the latest event-related news and keep them engaged with contests or event related giveaways. If you have a twitter account, tweet often. It is about early bird registrations, countdowns, sponsor tweets etc. can have a long-lasting impact on your audience and also put you on the top of the search result.

    The Registration

    After the registration process, your audience is led to a thank you page. Give your audience the option to share the event on social media, here. A tweet or a Facebook status update that will announce that they are going to the event and also a link to the registration page for easy access.

    Pre-event Blogging

    Blogging is one of the most effective tools to promote your event online. Event-related blogs can work wonders for event promotions. Including previous event videos and discussions can also give your blog a boost. You could always have your speakers write guest blogs for you. This not only provides an insightful read for your audience but also makes your brand trustworthy, thus improving brand awareness.

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