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  • How Do You Market Your Event Through Social Media?

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 23/04/2018

    Have you thought out your event marketing strategy for your upcoming event? Event marketing has gone way beyond flyers, regular invite emails, and word-of-mouth.  The hip new way of getting your event to be the talk of the town is through SOCIAL MEDIA. In a world where networking is crucial to survival, and the number of likes defines your stature amongst your peers, it is essential that you market your event on various social media platforms to create a buzz and reach out to your target audience.

    Let’s start with Facebook. Your company or organization will definitely have a Facebook account where all your clients and followers exist. Create a Facebook event and leverage it to reach out to the innumerable users available. Most internet users check their social media accounts on their phone which is an added advantage while using Facebook for promotions. Post engaging content for your audience and keep them updated about your event!

    Other platforms that could do your event a lot of good are LinkedIn and Twitter. Enticing posts and updates about your event can boost your event promotion strategies online. More the engagement, more the publicity your event receives! So keep your event feed live for your business circle on LinkedIn and followers on Twitter.

    Pick a hashtag. A good one at that! Many believe that hashtags are an old story. That is NOT TRUE! Almost all corporate events in Bangalore always have dedicated hashtags that all their social media channels sport during the term of the event and maybe after the event too. Promote them on your website, emails, across all your social media channels and on your event mobile app if you have one! While using a hashtag, make them short and catchy. Use keywords applicable to your event and tweet them, share them on Instagram, post them on Facebook and watch it gather momentum!

    Spread the word through videos. ‘Behind the scenes’ or ‘prequels’ of your event will definitely entice your audience! Include testimonials, keep them discreet yet engaging and don’t forget to promote them on all of your social media channels.