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  • Event Management Career: Are you the Right Fit?

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 16/07/2018

    Making a career change is not an easy task. Especially in today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to do your research before quitting or joining training of any form right away. If you are considering event management as your alternative, here are a few skills you need, according to the best event planners in Bangalore.

    1. Excellent Organisation Skill
      Right from the venue to the details like sound, lighting etc, event management career is all about showing your organising skills. You will have to research about the vendors, negotiate and get them to work for you.
    2. Creative and Innovative
      With rising event organisers in the market, the competition is soaring high. Only innovative ideas and creative decorations attract the audience and potential clients. If you enjoy thinking out of the box and if new ideas pop up every now and then, this career is the one for you!
    3. Prioritisation
      Are you that person who weighs tasks based on its priority? Putting first things first, as they say is the key quality for this career. Not everything can be done at once, each stage requires delegation and proper planning for the entire event to come as a whole. So, knowing what to do first is important!
    4. Team Work
      Event management requires interacting with different types of people. If you are interested to work around people other than being alone in a cubicle, then this career is your right choice. You will have to be attentive to the clients and be able to communicate their requirements to the right vendors.
    5. Flexibility
      Nothing is fixed when organizing events. Everything is in a state of flux and things can change at the drop of a hat. Hence, an event manager should be flexible to take these changes in stride and work accordingly. You need to be ready to face any sort of situation and be able to think on your feet. If you have always been flexible where work is concerned, you are carved to become an event manager.
    6. Energetic
      As we already know, events are extremely demanding and if you want to host a successful one, you should be full of energy and passion. You will have to face certain challenges on this journey, but your passion should be strong enough to keep you going. Do you deal with roadblocks with unstoppable enthusiasm? If so, you are born an event manager without a doubt!

    Having identified what you can bring to the role of events management, but you’re still not quite sure if it’s the career for you, there are two final actions you can take: Firstly, write down what you actually want out of your career and observe if this career option can offer you your dreams. Secondly, try volunteering for local events in your town or join as an intern in reputed event management companies.