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  • Event lighting 101: how to create an ambiance with the right lights
  • Event Lighting 101: How To Create An Ambiance With The Right Lights

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 24/09/2018

    Did you know? Your event lighting is accountable for setting the right mood and ambiance of your event. Be it a corporate party or a product launch, lighting is key to creating a good impression! More often than not, lighting doesn’t figure on your list and you end up using cliche and preset light ups that may or may not work for your event. Isn’t that a big risk you are taking?

    As one of the top event management companies in Bangalore, the expert team of event planners at White Massif explain how and what kind of lights can be used to your advantage, at events.

    The following is the route map to set up the lights right!

    1. Create a lighting plan.
      Work with your event planner to devise a suitable lighting plan for your event. A site visit with your event planning team can quickly help you decide how and where you want your lights and other elements arranged with respect to the size of the venue and moreover, you can also learn about the rules your venue has in this regard.
    2. Spotlights for the stage.
      The stage at any event is the point of key focus and thus, it needs to be lit up accordingly. Basic lighting is often readily available at the venues but if you want undivided attention from your audience and a professional atmosphere to your event, you need a spotlight! With spotlights, you can easily ensure that all your speakers and dignitaries are appropriately lit up and visible. On the other hand, you have also got to make sure that the general stage lighting is also available besides the spotlight, to prevent any complication in making presentations.
    3. Uplighting the right spots.
      Uplighters are ground-based lights. They are effective at highlighting features, signage, banners, etc. Teaming uplighters with the right colours can leave a lasting effect on your attendees. They sound interesting, but what about the wiring you ask? You don’t have to worry about wires all over the place since they are battery operated and are safe to use.
    4. Go vibrant with colour washes.
      Got an area you want to fill up? Use washlights, as they add colour and help fill up space. They are also highly useful when it comes to showcasing exhibits; washlights can easily highlight exhibition space in the desired area. You could use them in tune with your brand colours or just plain white light as well.
    5. Intelligent lighting is in!
      Yes, pre-programmed lighting or intelligent lighting system can help adjust and switch lights seamlessly. With intelligent lighting you are in complete control of color changes, types of lights and intensities and highlighting areas during the keynote speech, awards, session breaks etc.
      Power to you!

    There is so much you can do with the lights at your event. Get in touch with the adept team of event planners at White Massif to assist you with it.

    Go light it up!